ON MARCH 12, 1971 AT 9:55 AM


“Heaven is waiting for you; in time, of course, that is true.  Do not worry about when, worry about how you can perfect your way to arrive Here.  My children, I am The Son of The Father Who speaks to you now:  an urgency to correct your weaknesses, your faults; an urgency to accept what is true, an urgency to change your weakness into strength, an urgency to accept God’s Will.  I come in a Power unknown to you.  I come with a Grace just for you.  I come with Direction for you, so you will better understand the mission in life that you have.

First:  Keep in mind each day, time of prayer, time of communication with Here.

Two:  Accept, receive the privilege that is for all men.  I stand on the Altar, pleading with children of all ages to come to receive the Transfusion of Me within their being.  When this occurs I give strength, hope, love, Faith, endurance.

Three:  As The Queen of Heaven stands Here, She pleads with all children to hold dear the Holy Rosary that is the greatest weapon man can have in fighting the evil one.  Say it often, say it devoutly, say it with love.  It is a prayer of repetition, of devotion, of care.  It is a prayer set down from Here.

Four:  Perform acts of love, showing other men the Truth of The Trinity, the Way of The Trinity.  Please do this and stand in dignity.

Five:  Teach others of all ages the Profoundness of My Way, the Purity of It, the Dignity of It, the Integrity of It, the Beauty of It, the Truth of It.

So many children do not know about The Trinity.  It is being bypassed, being set aside, being diminished.  It is being humanized.  We are not of human way, We are of Divine Being.

I speak to you this morning in a manner you can understand, in a way you can handle, with Words you can follow in direction.  The Words are simple, the Way clear; the Power with which you receive Them, Supernatural, Divine, and one no man can hear.

I bless you with My Sacred Heart and ask you to offer prayers to It, for love of It, so you will increase in love in It.  I bless you with the Gift of Faith, the Power of Grace, a Heavenly Way to reward you for the coming days.  So be it.”

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