ON APRIL 14, 1971 AT 11:30 AM


“My daughters, I am your Beloved Mother.  I am known under many Titles.  The one I favor is Mother.  As a child kneels to Me, calls My Name, pleads with Me, I cannot refuse the sound of the call, the heart of the child, for I am The Mother of All.  I oftentimes answer the child quietly, so as to not disturb or upset or confuse the littleness of the child.  I do not ask favors in return, but I do ask obedience and that the favor be earned.

You see, My children, there is much need for children to know they must come to Me.  Many never hear My Name, many feel too ashamed, many wonder if I hear their pleas.  I stand ready to help all children, in Understanding, in Direction, in Love, so remind them.  All ages must know this, and that My Words come from Above.  Sometimes a child of many years tries to hide the littleness they fear.  Tell them to speak out about it to Me and to let Me know they need Me.

As I bless on this day through a child such as you, I bless you with Grace to carry on for what is true.  Be ever wise and have ever in mind the value of obedience, self-discipline, modesty, purity, trust and love in The Divine.  So be it for now, children of Mine.”

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