ON APRIL 22, 1971 AT 11:30 AM


Note:  The following Revelation was given to C.C.D. Teachers.

“I am Saint Francis of Assisi and I come to give you strength, to give you hope, to give you courage, to give you love, and to encourage you to walk in dignity and integrity.  Do not feel abandoned or set aside by the methods you feel contrary to truth.  Sometimes, in the experiments of man, he uses many means, for he is inadequate to see all things as God sees.  Sometimes he extends himself too far, taking all things out of proportion to the reality of their being.

Teach prayer, teach sacrifice, teach love, teach charity, teach humility, teach obedience, teach self-discipline, teach trust in God’s Way.  If you teach these basic things you will give a firm foundation to the Spiritual side of all you come in contact with.

Teach the children that they would not starve their bodies, then they must not starve their Souls.  Teach them the Ten Commandments and the meaning for each one.  Teach them The Divine Praises.  Teach them fact, truth.  Give them stability to their way.

Remember, My daughters, I walked the way.  Teach them that laxness is a sin.  Teach them that time wasted is a sin.  Teach them that time is a Gift from God and must be used to serve Him.  Teach them that selfishness has no gain; it does not last.  Teach them that modesty and purity have a beauty beyond their knowledge.

Tell the girls to walk with Our Lady, side by side, daily; be conscious of Her Presence, be conscious of Her Words, be conscious of Her Desires, be conscious that She sees each movement they make.  She sees how they dress.  She sees their Soul.  Tell the boys to keep by their side The Heavenly Queen.  Tell them to walk, conscious of Her Being.  Teach them the Rosary and its meaning.

Teach the children, above all things, the privilege of The Holy Eucharist and what It means.  Teach them It is a Transfusion of Divine Body and Blood with human means.  Teach them It is strength-giving.  It feeds the physical, the mental, the Spiritual.  It covers all things.

Teach them the importance of Reverence to The Divine Three.  Teach them to ask for forgiveness when they sin.  Teach them the power of thanksgiving.  Teach them the Truth of Heaven.  Teach them there is a Hell.  Teach them that emotion is not love for God.  He is Peace, Tranquillity, Love.  Teach them to seek Him out each day.  Teach them to greet the day with His Name on their lips.  Teach them what the Sign of The Crucifix means.  Teach them to be aware of the Wounds suffered for them.  Teach them that prayer is their communication with Here.

I love you, My daughters, for the way you walk, for the responsibility you undertake.  Be cautious of evil that lurks, and uses subtle means in many ways.  So be it.”

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