ON JULY 23, 1971 AT 12:30 PM


“I am your Beloved Father.  If I were to show you now, flames licking out, burning your skin, scorching your garments, making you black with sin, you would be frightened.  You would scream out, ‘God, help me!’

Man expects all things to be easy, to be fine, to be hopeful, to be self-satisfying.  Man is looking for the softest ground to lay his head, with the most pleasure from every place that can be had.  Man belittles temptation and joins others, with no dread of what the punishment could be instead.

I give These Words and I say to you, ‘I do not raise one Fist, but two.’ My Anger must show and I have pronounced a time that, unless things change much in the way of mankind, I will destroy the world.  So I send you The Miracle of My Son to give you the chance to learn, to turn, to stand in truth before more damage is done.

You are fully aware, as I listen to you talk, that the games men play will not lead them to Here.  Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands are beginning to know, even though they fight it, that I have set upon earth a place for them to go, to hear the Words direct from Heaven.  Woe be the man who tries to dismiss My Way of action, and woe be the men who will try a special form of distraction for children who seek The Miracle to gain Heaven.

I am no longer yearning to please man, for now man must begin to please Me.  I have set down The Rules and I expect Them to be obeyed.  The way to Heaven is paved and not too difficult for any man to walk, and he does not have to be brave.  Heaven is the Greatest Reward for My Creations.  Those who deserve It will gain It.  Those who do not deserve It will not be allowed the privilege of It.

The firmness in which I speak does not make My Love smaller, but the Magnitude of My Love is so Great that no man could ever compare his to It.  Man must return to order and to prayer.  Man must see the signs of My Love from Here, and man must know that the time is now for truth, not lies, and that sin must disappear.  I can no longer make excuses for children who act weak, think weak, for I have given them the strength to counteract the weakness they so flippantly disregard.

Saint Joseph is to be known throughout the world.  It will be loving Him that will help mankind.  The Holy Rosary is not a thing of the past.  It is a prayer of now and man must take the time, in obedience to The Divine, to say the prayer.  This is My Direction from Here.

The disrespect shown at the foot of the Altar must cease.  Men must enter the Sanctuary with humility, respect, and love for their Creator.  The reception of The Beloved Host must be done in reverence and love.  You are holding Me when you touch The Host.

I command you:  This Message of Truth is for all mankind to see, in all corners of the world, in hidden areas and in open fields.  The Words are to be written in languages for all men to read.  So be it.”

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