ON JULY 26, 1971 AT 3:40 PM


“I am Saint Anne.  I deliver My Words with Love.  Today many men honor Me and My way.  There are several great celebrations being paid to Me, honoring Me.

My daughters, I hear you relate facts of despair, facts of hurt, facts that say to Me Here, ‘I am sad, for my life seems to have no worth.’ Let Me say to you now, My cherished ones, ‘Take each day, offer it to God, and practice acts of love to Him every hour of the day.’

There are many sins throughout the world now, many disgraceful acts, and many demons using the weakness of man.

As you are present here in My sight, in My view, hearing My Words direct from Heaven, I bless you.  I bless you with a strength and with a courage, and I bless you with the desire to walk forward, to look ahead and to accept God’s Love instead; instead of just depending upon man’s, for you will find, the closer you come to The Heavenly King, the more you grow in love with Him, you will find peace, strength, tranquillity, and a love no man can give.

I bless you today in The Sign of The Cross.  Keep it ever in mind.  Remember, My children, The Holy Eucharist is truly Divine; and the Holy Rosary, a beloved prayer to The Beloved Daughter of The Divine and of Mine.  So be it.”

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