ON AUGUST 4, 1971 AT 7:55 PM


“My daughters, I am your Heavenly Father and I have come tonight to enlighten you, to console you, and to request something of you.  You are fully unaware of the real depth of love you have for Me, and you are capable of a greater amount.  You are unaware of how your lives depend on Me, and it is more than you can possibly know.

The tragedies, the heartache, the despair, the upset, the decisions, necessary to the physical way, had to be faced, had to be met, had to be made.  Do not look back and say, ‘Maybe?’ This will only detour you and cause you upset which could result in tragedy.

Walk the path of truth, in example, as example, for example, with example of what is best for you.  Now when I say best for you, remember that loving Me, serving Me, and obedience to My Way is best for you.  So you must consider Me first, then you.

At the time in which you live now, there are so many disastrous things occurring and so many sinful acts taking place.  Do not be a part of them and do not react favorably to them.  Many men are playing satan’s game and being pawns of his.  As you are aware of this, refrain from being part of it.

It is only sadness when children fall into evil ways, for in the end the children must pay dearly for this.  The Wounds which My Son suffered were for mankind.

I come to the world through a child, helping mankind, alerting mankind to what I expect, for it is important now that all men begin to pray and begin to understand the way to Here Where I am.  I know that My coming in such a way is unusual to man, but nonetheless, it is true, and I do love you.

Use time to pray and spend less time wasting time.  Prayer is important to mankind.

I bless you with My Fatherly Love and say, ‘Children, do not spend time on self alone.’  So be it.”

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