ON AUGUST 4, 1971 AT 10:10 PM


“My Visions in different parts of the world gain much attention and cause much controversy.  My Appearances are for real.  I come to children to alert mankind of disaster and what must be done to save Souls.  My Visions have similarities, and much Direction.  Children often believe, and then, when they do, they are usually criticized by satan’s pawns.  The envy, the fear that satan has for Me is true, for The Heavenly Father has given Me the Power to stomp him out when he interferes with children whom I love and who call upon Me.

This Miracle of My Spouse is a Miracle of Light.  It is the Beacon to lead mankind to Heaven.  It is the Light that shines on Words, giving mankind complete Direction, showing man a mapped way to Here.  This Miracle lives among mankind through a child God gives to the world for such a Miracle as His.  My children, the Confirmation of the Truth, of the Validity of this Light, is in the Words and in the Help, in the growth man shows.

In the world now, darkness is all around, even when there is daylight.  The sins on paper, you know as pornography, is to such an extent that it is creeping into homes, to places that you would not expect.  The sin of narcotics, satan’s tool to draw mankind away from God, is making many men look like fools.  The uprise, for means for escape, are all satan’s things.

I hold in My Hand My Holy Rosary, and say to man, ‘Let this be your escape, for it will give you strength to conquer all that is evil, all that is weak, all that is turmoil.’

Man says, in one breath, ‘Flesh is important.’ In the next breath, he diminishes the magnitude of the human body.  He forgets that the human form is the Ultimate Creation of God and must be taken care of in His Name.

It is true, I speak through the child with Words to you.  Do not fear what you cannot see.  Pray first and ask God to give you the strength and the power and the courage to sift what is right from all things.  Also, ask Him to help you see only what He Wills you to see.  My children, the most important thing in the world is that mankind accept God’s Will, and pray for the Souls they have and that others have, so the Soul will one day be free to serve God in Eternity.

Bookshelves are heavy with words.  If the truth be known, the room needed for the books that are worthwhile and beneficial to man would be one-tenth the size needed now.  There is too much sickness, mental, physical, Spiritual, in the literature of today.

My children, I am aware of your thoughts, your desires and your needs, and I do say, ‘God is pleased with your turning His Way.’ Be sure that you mean what you say.

As I leave in the Vision of Love, I bless you My Way.  So be it.”

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