ON AUGUST 11, 1971 AT 9:45 AM


“Let Us, you and I, talk about justice.  Let Us stand now in a courtroom.  You are on trial, I am the Judge.  Your first reaction, first plea, first desire, would be that I would be a ‘just’ man with you, in deciding what will be.  Is this not so?  If justice is so important in your way of thinking, then I ask you to apply it to all things; first of all, to Me.

Give Me what is due Me.  I want you to obey My Commandments.  I want you to communicate with Me.  I want you to grow more in love with Me.  I want you to spend Eternity with Me.  I want you to one day be a Saint.

My Requests to you are, in all ways, easy for you.  There is only one deterrent; that is your self-love.  Let Me show you how easy it is to perform all these things in an easy manner and in a loving way.  First, bend your will My Way and accept My Justice your way.

My children, the path to Heaven is easy; the path to Hell, sadness, turmoil, envy, hate, self-love.  Mine is peace, joy, contentment, and yes, trust in Me.  I know that My Speaking so Direct to you is a rare thing for you, but nonetheless, true.

I am your Creator, your Love.  I am the Way to Heaven Up Above.  I have laid out your way.  I have given it to you personally.  Now I say, ‘Would you not agree that it would only be “just” to follow Me?’  So be it, My children.”

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