ON AUGUST 11, 1971 AT 3:45 PM


“My beloved son, My beloved daughters, I am your Heavenly Mother.  It is My Wish that mankind turn to Me to be saved from the evil one.  Man places much emphasis on human power.  It is so small compared to the Power of The Blessed Trinity.

Through The Holy Trinity, My Rosary has been given a power that, if man were to see it, it would blind mankind quickly.  The beads, as you know them to be, can be any size you wish.  The size of the bead does not determine the power it is.  The worth of the beads only gives the child self-pleasure, self-satisfaction, for the beads could be any material and still have the power.

As I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, I reach many children through The Miracle of My Spouse, Saint Joseph.  It is through This Miracle that man is being taught, directed, counseled, and given help in all ways, directions.  The Power of the Miracle is also from The Holy Trinity.  This time has been decreed by God The Father, to be.  It is a time of Great Worth to man, and a time of learning service to God.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of men are searching for answers and making their own decisions as best they can.  They are screaming for God to speak direct and when He does, they sometimes do not accept His Way, His Will, His Love, for they feel He did not speak, for He is Above.  Man twists many things, distorts many things, and sifts, at his own discretion, what he feels is best for him.  He forgets to ask God to give His Hand.

Children, please, be fully aware that The Holy Eucharist gives you strength, gives you wisdom, and always is there.  With this knowledge you have the Greatest Gift in the world to cling to, to hold on to.  Never let one day go by without It.

The Holy Rosary is many things.  Be obedient, My little ones, and say it daily, devotedly and with love.  Visits to The Blessed Sacrament are very often felt only as visits to Church, but in reality, you are truly visiting The Father and He waits for you each day.  Think of the time wasted that you could be spending His Way.

Prayer.  Why do so many men think it is great for other men but not for them?  Prayer is a Source of Love, it is a Way of Truth, it is an Act of Faith, and it is most beneficial to you.

Ask yourselves, how many acts of love do you feel you can do:  one, two, three, four, or more?  Only you will limit yourselves; that, God will never do.

Pray more to the Holy Wounds.  This prayer brings Grace unknown to you.  At the cut of the flesh, man weakens, and he immediately takes care of the wound.  You have no way of protecting My Son from the Wounds inflicted on Him by those who felt so righteous and strong, but you do have the means, the opportunity, the privilege of acknowledging the Wounds and telling Him of your love.

My children, as you entered into the Arms of The Beloved Saint Joseph today, you touched The Heart of The Son Who died for you one day.  You are Blessed with My Grace and with My Motherly Love.  Remember, the Words came from Above.  So be it for now.”

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