ON AUGUST 17, 1971 AT 10:30 AM



“My daughters, I am Saint Dominic.  I come through this child in an Act of Love, with a Deeper Love for The Heavenly Father, for The Heavenly Mother.  As I speak to you with Words, as you know words to be, I use These Words to direct thee.

Telling children about God should never be a cumbersome thing.  The beauty of it, the way of it, the reason of it, is far beyond man’s dreams.

I speak to you now of the Holy Rosary.  It is a Rosary in dedication to The Beloved Queen.  It says many things.  Too many children are not understanding or realizing the power it brings, the love it is.  Children must be taught that the prayers on these Beads are Heaven-sent, Heaven-designed, and yes, to be said by all children in obedience to The Divine.

Rosaries must flourish throughout the world.  The sight of them must be evident to all men.  They must be as obvious as snow falling from the sky, and there must be as many Rosaries around as there are flakes in a storm that lingers awhile.  It is God’s Will it be done like this.

The Holy Rosary is not a new idea to man.  It has been brought down through the centuries, and rarely does a man see these Beads, even when he does not believe, that he does not think of a Greater Power and The Heavenly Queen.

I sprinkle much Grace upon you, and with the Grace you will have more courage to hand the Beads to others who must say the prayers God governed.  The Beloved Saint Joseph will now speak to thee.”


“My children, it is with Great Love I speak today from God’s Realm.  This Miracle of Mine is to teach mankind the Greatness of The Divine, the Purpose of the physical life, and the advantages for a child to entwine himself in union with God’s Way, God’s Love, God’s Will.

All Heaven has come forth to instruct children, to give them a Touch of Heaven firsthand.  Satan fears This Miracle of Mine.  Heaven smiles and says, ‘Oh, evil one, depart, for you are only weakness, and the strength of This Miracle is teaching children, helping children to be strong, so they, one day, will enjoy the Realm of Heaven.’

Countless Saints have spoken, a countless number of Souls have been caught before it is too late.  This Miracle of Mine has been set forth upon the earth by The Divine.  It is as a feather pillow in the wind.

The Words are dropping throughout the lands.  You, children, are the channels of love by which, through which, others hear My Name.  Each time you do, I bless you; Reward, ah yes; Love, yes.  Heaven never omits blessing a child who, in any way, small or large, is obedient to the Truth Heaven sends in such an obvious way.

As was spoken before, cling to The Holy Eucharist.  It is a Power no man can know.  Never be without the Holy Rosary and be aware of the meditations on these Beads that mean so much to Heaven.  Also, keep in mind forever in your way, the beauty of prayer, and let no man show disrespect to it in any way.

I bless you with God’s Love.  Thank Him, children, for each day, for it is His Gift to you, the privilege of growing to be a Saint, using each day to further yourself in this way.  So be it.”

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