ON OCTOBER 8, 1971 AT 11:25 AM


“My children, there are many, many children speaking of Visions of Me all over the world.  As they do, some are true, some are not.  There are special places I do appear, always to save mankind and tell him to hold life dear, and as I speak to a chosen few, or as I appear, the Power from My Being radiates through the air.

It is sadness to Me when children differ with What I say.  It is sadness, also, when they determine I would not come that way.  My reason why I appear as I do is always to warn mankind, to help him reach The Divine.  God’s Power is What I use.  God’s Way is what I follow.  God’s Will is how I serve.

As you sit and experience moments of Heaven’s Way, they are as My Visions in other places far away.  The closer union you have here is loved by All of Heaven, for as I speak through the child, My Words are direct from Heaven.

My Rosary must flourish throughout the world, for through it is the strength to change the world.  So many men are neglecting it and using excuses to destroy it.  Why?  For satan wants to get rid of it.  It is the strength, it is the power needed to change the world.  I have taken a Special Rosary — you cannot see It — and I have placed It around the world, for the Power of It holds the world as God Wills it, and the Power seeps in, in many places you do not know.

The Churches who follow My Son must make much of the Rosary, as one.  It must be spread and it must have special attention, and children must gather to say the fifteen decades, for as they do, they will learn the Important Issues, with Important Dates that Heaven has left in view.

You know, My children, God loves you.  As I leave you with Grace, with more Faith and more Trust, I leave you with My Motherly Love, for what mother could not reach out to children who ask for help; and as you do I hear you, and as you seek My Way, I say, ‘Pray My Rosary every day.’  So be it.”

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