ON OCTOBER 14, 1971 AT 8:10 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother and I speak with Much Love tonight.  Tonight is a beginning for many of you here.  In the many Visions of My Way I have told children how to pray.  I have warned them of sad occurrences that could be, and I have asked them to watch out, for I cannot bear to see the little ones like thee in such turmoil, drawn down by the enemy.

The beloved Holy Rosary must be on your person at all times.  It is your safety.  The Beads must be said, for through the meditation on them you think of all Important Events God has designed for thee.  There are many men smugly laying plans against Divine Way.  They can be wiped out, My little ones, if you learn to pray My Beads of Love each day.

When it was said that Bishop will fight Bishop, this is true.  There are many men being misled and they are looking for things to bear the wrong fruit.  Be wise, My little children, and I say this with Much Love, ‘Be careful who your friends are, and please, walk carefully, for much evil and many devils surround you many times.’ Temptation comes in many ways and the only thing that can help you is The Divine.

Do not overlook What I have said, for many times I have watched the Angel guarding you, draw you away from someone’s side.  He is as real as you, and God gave Him to you for such times.  The little children must be taught to walk with caution, for if they do not, they will fall.  I cannot bear to see this, for what parent does not want a child to be safe?

So please, My little ones, on this night I leave you in charge of all those close to you.  Drop My Words, one by one, and tell them about the Holy Rosary they must hold tightly.  Please, My children, keep this night close to you for Heaven truly spoke, and as I leave, I bless each one of you with My Love, with Truth, and I say, ‘Keep My Holy Rosary in front of you each day.’  So be it.”

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