ON OCTOBER 19, 1971 AT 11:32 AM


“My children, as you gather in the Name of a Beloved Son, Saint Joseph, I have been requested by God The Father to speak to you in a special way.

There have been Visions of Me all over the world and I have spoken to children such as thee, leaving Messages to be honored and to be passed on, to save children from the evil one.  Again I speak through a child such as thee, alerting you to the horrible things in the world.  As you take part, in a small way, in This Miracle of The Beloved Saint, you have the responsibility to leave here and say What you heard today.

As I appeared to children in other places, the Messages were given to those who stood around, who could not hear My Voice or sound.  In a Vision of this kind, if I had appeared to all mankind it would not have been good, for so many children, wanting to see Me, could not have stood the Vision at that time.  So God prepared the little ones for The Divine; and so it is through This Miracle of The Beloved Saint: One child has been prepared to receive the Words, to pass Them on to you Direct from Here.

I heard you speak of different places who are dedicated to God in special ways.  The evil one is attacking every place where His Name is being said, being used, being taught.  The reason for the beloved Holy Mother Church to be under such attack at this time is this:  This was begun by The Son of God Who was My earthly Son at that time.  As He spoke to the multitudes, He gave Direction, He gave Hope, He gave Love.  He taught all children the Way to The Divine; and now again, in your time, a child has been chosen through whom Heaven speaks and teaches, as it was done a long time ago.

Holy Mother Church is on the line of attack and satan is using every means to destroy this beautiful way that The Son of God began one day.  The Bishops, the Cardinals, and all those in their charge, need prayer, need help, need love, and yes, respect from those of you who follow in this way.  The one thing that is missing, that is so necessary now, is respect for the Hierarchy; for, you see, they too have Souls that must be saved, and when they feel a lack of love from you, their human way strikes out in many ways.

There are many, many children following in a religious vocational way, who need help, who need prayer, who need your strength, and it saddens them, it weakens them when they hear you say in a discrediting way, ‘They are falling away.’

As I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, I beseech each child before Me now in this special way, to pray for those who want to save their Souls, who want to follow God in a special way.  Do not criticize them but pray, for you see, My little ones, the prayer will give them aid, the prayer will make them look to what is right, and your support in a human way will help them, God’s Way.

It is true there are many, many, many cults being formed, and those who are leading these cults are not capable of leading anyone God’s Way, but man desires power, recognition, and desires his pride to be fed, so he puts himself in charge of things like this so other men will look to him instead of Holy Mother Church, who is truly at the head.

I have warned you many, many times that many things would occur against God’s Love, God’s Will.  You live in a time now, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet so many children say it is not so.  The promiscuity all around is a horror to be seen.  The sin that takes place right now in the world is sadness as We look upon it.  God says, ‘Help those children turn away from the evil one, for as long as they breathe there is hope; as long as they pray, there is hope.’ So you see, God does not give up on children such as thee.

As I speak, there are Many Saints surrounding Me Here and They All want each of you to one day come Here.  The narcotics that is around is a horror to see, for it is destroying the minds, the bodies, the wills of so many, many men.  The beloved Holy Mother Church is aware of so much of this, and yet they cannot reach all the Souls, and that is why The Miracle of this Beloved Saint Joseph is so Important to the world, for It is reaching you as an individual Soul, so you, in turn, can reach others with your love for God, with your hope, to help others to not turn away from God.

If you were to see Me now in view, as I am:  My mantle is blue, My dress is white, and the sandals on My Feet are white as snow, for you see, Heaven is All Beauty, and Heaven is All Aglow for The Saints Who have arrived Here, and the Souls Who have come Their Way.  There is nothing but a Brilliant Light surrounding Everyone Who stays.  The Angels are a Beauty to behold and The Heavenly Father smiles upon Them and says, ‘The songs must continue on till all mankind arrives Here.’

Heaven is a Beauty that no man could describe, and that is why, if you were to see one touch of It right now, you would die, for you could not return to the physical as you know it to be, for the Beauty of Heaven would overpower thee.  If you knew how much you are loved by The Trinity, you would remain on your knees many hours, giving thanks for such a Love as this.

My children, as you sit and I speak to you, you are a few of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands that must hear the Words from Here.

Keep in mind this schedule that I will give you now, and it will help you grow in love with God Who is Above:  Open each day with a prayer, not for yourself alone, but for others whom you know and others whom you do not know.

Say a prayer for the religious men and women who have walked along the way of learning how to help you in God’s Way.  They need your prayers, they need your love, they need your understanding, they need your respect of how they stand.

The third thing on the list should be The Holy Eucharist, for through This you receive Divine Transfusion, which is the Ultimate; and never let a day go by that you do not pray the words of love My Way, My Holy Rosary.  Learn to meditate on the Mysteries as you know them, for as you walk through the beads, the Fifteen Decades say to you special things, Important Events, Important Ways.  It tells you what went before to help you along the way, and as you walk through each day, radiating your love for God, others will snap it up and will want to follow along, for they will see within you an inner peace, an inner love, and they will know there is something special about you that they cannot even talk about.  So as you do this, little ones, remember, God does love you.

Now, at the end of day when all has been done, it would be wise to examine your conscience so you could improve the next day.  First of all, ask yourself if you did pray, and then say:  Did you help others in this way by radiating God’s Love, not by talking or shouting, but by giving them love, God’s Way?

You see, My children, this is important, for as The Son did walk the earth and taught to many thousands, He radiated love for God The Father; and as He taught, He did not reprimand, but He was Example to every man, and the Apostles that followed along learned from Him and how He walked, even when He did not speak.  They watched His Actions, and then they would repeat what they did see, what they did feel, and this is how they learned to follow The Divine Son around that part of the world.

So as you leave today, remember All that was said.  Keep It close to your hearts, and do not forget to pray for those, other than yourself, to help them understand that they, too, are loved by God.

Oh, My children, I bless you from the Heavens in the Sign you love to see, in The Name of The Divine Three.  So be it.”

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