ON NOVEMBER 11, 1971 AT 7:53 PM


“My children, I will speak first to the sons in the room, the sons who are present, of all ages, all ways.  As I speak to you now, you are not above prayer.  Remember this, for I walked in a very harsh way.  I am Saint Augustine.  I say to you now, ‘Keep in mind My way, and keep in mind what I found the truth to be, and keep in mind of how I changed in many ways.’

As I speak to you on this night, I say much and I teach much through this child who has been designated by God to be the channel to reach you.  First of all, set your lives right, and as you do this, learn to do it in the proper way, in the proper manner.  Make a schedule for yourselves, and remember, as you keep the schedule, do not be easy on yourselves.  Be firm, be tight, be taut, and know that as you walk in the way of man, you must walk for God and God alone.  You must walk in a service way.  You must walk in a giving way and you must walk in a loving way.

And now I switch over to the daughters in the room and I say: ‘It will be through your prayers that many men will be saved.  It will be through your example that many men will come Here.  It will be through your modesty, your purity, your love for God and your devotion to The Holy Mother of All, that will draw many Souls This Way.’

And now I talk to each one in the room, separately and combined.  Do not omit the Holy Rosary from your way for through this prayer you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace,’ and right there you acknowledge that One Woman did walk in a Great Way.

Remember, My children, as you gather on this night, you did not gather for fun, you did not gather out of fright, but you did gather to learn God’s Direction, God’s Way, God’s Plan, and do not omit One Word from your way.  I bless you with God’s Love.  So be it for today.”

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