ON DECEMBER 7, 1971 AT 8:05 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Mary Magdalene.  I walked in an earthly way with only earthly gain, pleasure.  I did not feel a pang of hurt when I sinned.  I ran when harm was about to begin, and as I ran, I felt the Presence of the Holy Man.  At the time, I did not react to His Holiness, but I did react to His Words.

For the first time, I felt compassion from a man.  He did not say much, but What He said, I felt His Touch.  There were others around who hated me, and some of them were blind to the Man Who stood helping me.  He saved my life in the physical way, but I did not know that This Very Man would save my Soul for the Eternal Way.  I responded in a human way; in thanks, but not understanding.  I responded with a nod, and then I went my way.

I could not resist finding Him on other days, and I asked myself what was drawing me to this Man.  It was something I could not explain, something I did not know, and something unusual in man’s way.  My struggle was not over when those who wanted to harm me walked away.  I had to persevere, I had to feel the need to serve and pray.  I also had to realize that self-love was in the way.

And as I speak to you tonight through this child as you, I say, ‘Strip yourselves of self-love and follow God this way.’ He will not ask you to stand at the foot of a Cross, but He will ask you to stand up to the truth of your day.  He will not ask you to suffer the way He suffered, but He will ask you to stand up to those who deny the Truth of His Way.

As you gather on this night, you are intermingled in many ways:  in your degree of Faith, first; in your degree of love, first for each other, then for God Above.  You differ in your way of life, you differ in your thoughts, you differ in your likes and dislikes, and you differ in what you’ve been taught; but as of this night, each child here before Me now hears the same Words, the same Directions, so you cannot differ in this, in the way you are being taught.

Do not expect to change on hearing These Words, but persevere in wanting to change, and you will.  All children did.  Each one before Me here in this room tonight must save their Soul, for you see, It shines with a Great Light.

And those of you who are in a position to lead others have a great responsibility, for you must tell them truth, teach them love, but show them the path of Light.  The great modern conveniences that you have now simulate light.  That is not the light I mean, My children.  The Light I am describing to you on this night is the Light of Love, the Light of Hope, the Light of Truth, the Light of The Holy Ghost that must guide you.

So, please think of My way and think of how I had to change to come This Way, and do not procrastinate, for when you do, you delay the Soul glowing in God’s view.

I bless you, My little ones, with the Love that it will take to serve God first, and I bless you with self-discipline, and as I do, I say, ‘Persevere in it each day, for as you do, you will grow in God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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