ON DECEMBER 9, 1971 AT 7:55 PM


“I am Saint John of The Cross.  I speak through This Miracle of a Great Saint Who walked the earth loving God without seeing Him, trusting Him without knowing Him, in obedience to Him because He knew it was right.

I, too, walked the earth, and in the time in which I lived, man was the same as in the time you live:  curious, doubtful, belligerent, unkind; and then there were those who were kind, generous, compatible, compassionate, tolerant, obedient, trusting, loving.  So you see, My children, the time in which you live only changed in some ways.  Man is as he has always been.

The difference in the different periods of time is this:  There have been times that children were more Spiritual, there have been times when children allowed satan to take more hold, and you live in a time now, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and if you remember, My children, The Heavenly Father at that time destroyed the sin.  It had to be.  He could not allow it to fester and infiltrate other places, so He cut it off right then.

There are many learned men walking around, judging how God would do things and how He should do things, and I say to them now: ‘Better you would be not so learned and have more the wisdom.  Better you would pray more and stop doing so much analyzing God’s Way.  Better you would accept the Faith you have and stop determining what you feel and how you feel things should be.’

You live in a time of great sin and you live in a time of little Faith.  Oh, there are many, many, many, many, many children running around, shouting the Name of God in many ways, but in reality, they are only shouting to hear themselves speak.  It is a false shouting and it is not an intimate shouting with God.

Ask yourselves:  Are you part of this group, shouting the Name and not practicing self-denial in any way?  And are you accepting the Greatness of The Holy Eucharist for which It is?  It is Divine Transfusion.  Ask yourselves:  Did you accept Divine Transfusion on this day, or did you ignore It and go your own way?  I wonder, My children, today, did you communicate with The Father?  Did you pray for yourself first, and then other men?

I speak from a Realm far beyond your realm, but I, too, walked in your realm one day, and I, too, had a Soul to save, and I, too, had others trying to draw me away.  So keep this in mind as you go through each day, and keep this in mind, My children, that it is necessary to pray.

I have spoken on this night to just a few children, compared to the number that stands on the globe God made, but I expect each of you to deliver the Words to others you know and help them, too.  You are a channel of delivering This.  You are the communication of This Message of Mine.  I place the burden upon you to help mankind.

I bless you with the Love of The Father, and I bless you with the Blood of the Heart of The Son, and I bless you with the Light of The Holy Ghost that was instilled in each child at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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