ON JANUARY 22, 1972 AT 11:20 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, nowhere in time has a Miracle such as This been given to the world.  Nowhere in time have so Many Saints taken Part in a Miracle of such Great Purpose, such Great Love.  Nowhere in time have so Many Saints come forward to teach mankind how to come Here.

As I speak from the Realm of Heaven, I walk now in the Power of God and through His Way, and when I was man, I found consolation when I knelt to pray; and as I prayed, I grew closer to God, but I grew more in love with His Way.  You would, too, if you would take the time to pray.  So many children ignore the beauty of prayer, the need for prayer.  They say, ‘It takes time today.’

Man places so much emphasis on the necessities of life and that is why the world you live in has so much strife.  Man is not happy with just a small amount.  Man is greedy, man is gluttonous, and these are sins, but man does not consider them sins, for he says, ‘I live in a different day.’ Not so, My children.  There were many in My day who lived a very pleasurable life, a very indulgent way, and they placed much emphasis on the riches of the day.  I do not say, ‘Be poor.’ I do not say, ‘Only love the way of living out of the ground, on the ground,’ but I do say, ‘Do not overemphasize the material way.’

Yes, it is right for the Churches, the Basilicas, the Cathedrals to be great, so when you look into them, you will see at least a facsimile of Heaven.  These are necessary for man, for when man walks in, he says, ‘This is so beautiful, I feel the Presence of God.’ So, men who say, ‘Basilicas should not be built, Cathedrals should be cast away and Churches should diminish,’ this is not so.  This is only man’s greed to have his own way.  Think, My children, of the meaning of the word ‘greed’, and think, My children, of the word ‘gluttonous’, and ask yourselves how many sins can be committed against these two things.

All Heaven is One of Beauty, and God enjoys the beauty that He allows you to have.  He enjoys the grandeur of many things that He has allowed you to have.  He does not say, ‘Sleep on the ground.’ He does not say, ‘Do not eat to survive.’ He does not say, ‘Work and be proud of your way of work,’ but He does say, ‘Be humble,’ and He does say, ‘Do not think only of that, but share it with Me, what you have, for I gave it to you.’

So many men say that they own the land they live on.  So many men are proud to have many possessions such as this, and if man would but realize that the possession was created by The Holy King, and He is the First Owner of the land and He will remain this Owner for all time to be.  He is allowing you the privilege of standing on this land and saying, ‘I have bought this parcel; isn’t it grand?’ But if you will look into this land, you will see that The Creator is the Owner in reality, for one thought from Him could take it away.  So rather than be proud of only yourself in that way, I suggest to each child here that, as you stand on this land, you kneel and pray, to thank Him for allowing you to be there on it.

Oh, My children, keep in mind the gift of obedience, the privilege of obedience, the power of humility, the love and strength that trust in Him is, and you will come This Way.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘You are fortunate children to be able to receive Words direct, Divine Way.’  So be it.”

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