ON JANUARY 26, 1972 AT 11:31 AM


“My children, you do live in a time of heresy, you do live in a time where satan is all over the world.  I am Saint Athanasius, and as I speak through this child, I compare this time with a time in which I lived, the time where many men were falling into heresy and they were accepting it because they felt it was correct, and as I fought them in my way, I fought them with truth, and that is why It came through this child today, only truth; for when you fight with truth as your Sword of Love for God, you have the greatest strength, the greatest power, and you can be sure that truth will serve a Greater Crown, and truth will glow and heresy will hide.

Oh, My children, if you but knew the littleness of the physical, you would kneel right now and say to God, ‘Let me only be aware of the Spiritual,’ for the Spiritual will live on and on, and you will see, one day, that the physical was so weak that it could not have come This Way.

My children, as you pray, keep in mind, those who are involved in heresy will fall into the abyss of Hell, and God does not want this.  So keep in mind also, that you must pray to counteract the heresy of your day.

It is true that promiscuity is all about and homosexuality is everywhere; narcotics, yes, and alcoholism also, but these are only parts of the main fare; these are parts that cause the other sins.  So keep in mind, My children, that satan has given you many things to draw you from the Realm of Heaven Where God is.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with the Heart of The Son, and I bless you with the desire to pray that heresy will fade away.  So be it.”

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