ON JANUARY 27, 1972 AT 7:40 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am a Saint in Heaven through the Grace of God.  When I walked the earth, I mothered a son.  To you, He is known as John.  He is known more for the way He walked in the water.  He was alert to the Wisdom of God, to the necessity of Baptism.  He is known as Saint John The Baptist.

His desire to live for God alone, in the Light of God alone, for the purpose which God had decreed, made him outstanding in his day, but to some men he was a fool, for he placed his love, his attention, on what would be, what should be, what must be.  Many times he faced men, teaching them, preaching to them, showing them love.  It was not ignorance that made some walk away:  some, it was envy; some, it was a lack of Faith; some, with jealousy.  I would say that ignorance of what he did say was a small degree.

Again, in your time, you have many men walking around teaching and preaching, but they are following other men.  They are not following truth.  Keep this in mind.

Here in the Heavens Where I speak from, I speak through the Power of God, through the Will of His, and I say, ‘As My John walked the earth daring to love God, His Way, you too, must walk in your day.’

The Baptism is a cherished truth for all men.  It has more meaning than you know.  You have learned through words, through direction, that it washes away a sin committed a long time ago.  This beloved Sacrament should be delved into, and respected in many ways.  It is important to every man to know this, for as it is a Sacrament, it must be seen for the value it is.

There are too many children ignoring this Gift from God.  There are too many children waiting for it to be done until a later date.  There are too many children passing it by, saying, ‘It’s really not necessary in our day.’ Oh, My children, that is not so.  God said, ‘It is Important,’ and He has requested that I, on this night of yours, tell you so, for if you are aware of children who have not been given this time of order, this way of life, you have a responsibility to speak up, speak out, and teach about it.

As I bless you on this night, it is God’s Blessing with the Water of Truth, the Water of Life.  So be it.”

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