ON FEBRUARY 10, 1972 AT 9:15 PM


“My beloved children, when I created the world, I did it because I had so much Love.  I wanted to share this Love in some way.  I did not create the world because of lonesomeness on My Part.  When I created man I did it to share.  I had Great Plans for man.  You have all heard the story of children I created disappointing Me.  You have been taught that through this disappointment I made another Plan, and this was to wash away the sin, the weakness, with the Cleansing of a Water also created by Me.

In Heaven Where I am, Where I have always been, I had another Plan, and this was to send to the world Part of Me, to be Example for the whole world.  I created This Plan, requesting that it be carried out to save man.  A Son was born to the world.  A Star shined over Bethlehem, telling certain men of a Great Event.  Even then I gave man the knowledge to follow a sign to find Me.

From the moment of this Birth many men tried to interfere, some even tried to kill The Son that I held dear.  It was through the obedience of Two Other Children that I created, that allowed My Plan to come about.  They obeyed signs.  I sent Angels to speak to Them.  Keep in mind, My children, that They had a free will to accept or reject the Angel and what He would say.  There are many things that have not been written by man, pertaining to this day.  I have allowed this to be for many reasons.

Now again, in the world, a star must shine to give hope, to give life, to give love to all of mankind.  This star is not as a star is seen to be, but this time I have chosen a mound of soil I created, and it will be known as the Hill of Hope.  As My Divine Son was crucified on a small Hill and His physical death gave man life, so it will be on another Hill, not too high, that many, many men will be saved because My Will will be done.

I have designed this Hill.  I have put Grace into this Hill, and I have chosen children such as thee to be obedient.  This time, instead of Angels appearing to each, I have placed a child and I speak through this child.  There are many similarities, if you will but look for them and accept them.  You must fight for this star to shine.  You must fight for My Will to be done.  You must accept the tiresome times, as My Son once did.  I ask each child in My Presence here to be honest with Me, to be truthful with Me and to trust in Me.

I have designed this Hill because of My Love for you, for all men.  I want to share this Hill, for this Hill will save many men.  In the time in which you live, I decided that this would be the best way for man to turn to Me.  I decided that this Beloved Saint, Who was obedient constantly, would be seen, would be Honored and Revered by all men.  This is His Hill, for He walked in Hope, He walked in Love, He walked in Truth, He walked in Trust, He walked in Complete Obedience to Me.  When an Angel appeared to Him He did not say, ‘I will not do it Your Way,’ but He asked for Guidance to understand.  He asked for Perseverance, He asked for Faith, He asked for Trust, He asked to be Obedient to My Will.

Man has forgotten how to pray.  Man has become so selfish, so wise, so knowledgeable, in man’s way.  If each child will accept humility, there will be a joy in their activity.  If each child will give total commitment to this Hill, there will be a line of Souls waiting to walk on this Hill.  Some will walk on the Hill with indifference, and I will touch their hearts with My Love.  Some will come to the Hill because of illness and they will want Me to make them clean, and I will use My Own Thinking as to what degree is best for the child.  I will use men in this field.

I want man to understand that I gave him a brain, I gave him a will, I gave him the capability to work for Me.  I did not make man a blade of grass.  I did not make man a tree.  I did not make man a piece of metal.  I made men flesh, blood, Soul.  I enjoy men’s progress, I enjoy men’s enthusiasm, I enjoy men’s laughter, I enjoy men’s hope, I enjoy men’s trust in Me.  I enjoy watching man at repast.  I gave him these things to enjoy.  Why would I not want to enjoy seeing him use them?  I did not say to all men, ‘Be poor.’ That would be foolish; but I did say and I do say, ‘Use the advantages allowed by Me to perpetuate My Name, to perpetuate My Will; serve Me.’

I am your God.  I am your Father.  I am your Creator.  I have chosen a place in the world to profess My Love.  It is here, through a creation of Mine.  Once before I chose a particular spot and I again used Children such as you.  My Plan has not changed.  My Way has not changed.  I have never changed.  Then why can you not understand, why can you not see the similarity here?  Look for it; you will find it.  Cling to it; it will draw you to Me.  Serve in it; it will be a means to Sainthood.

As I speak to you, I speak at a rate of speed you understand.  I speak through a voice you can hear with your ears.  I place a physical human being in front of you for you to see, for you to relate to, so you will better understand My Words, My Way, My Plan.  I did it before.  I am doing it again.  All Heaven is coming forward to perpetuate This Miracle of The Beloved Son, Saint Joseph.  All Heaven will be on that Hill of Hope.  All Heaven will help those who come to the Hill.

Many men will try to discredit this child.  Many men will try to say What she says is not worthwhile.  This is sadness to Me for these men are not seeing the similarity of a long time ago.  They are blinded by their own selfishness, their own envy, their own self-love, their own righteousness, and their own indifference to how I would work from Above.

Many stories you have heard of children who walked hazardous roads and They are now Here in Heaven with Me.  I have given you these paths to follow, and sometimes you have read the lives of these little ones, and sometimes you cannot picture yourselves in the same role They played.  I do not ask you to walk in a total way as Saint Francis, My beloved of Assisi, did.  I do not ask you to walk in the Pure Way that The Heavenly Mother did.  I ask you to imitate.  I ask you to seek out what is best.  I ask you to come to Me.  I created you individually and that is how I want you to return to Me.  I do not want you to lean on man.  I do not want you to follow, to the letter, another’s plan, another’s way.  I want you to come Here your way.

So many children do not realize that I created them in an individual way.  Even when the birth carries more than one, each child to Me is a Soul, a body, a love.  Keep this in mind, My little ones, and that is how I will judge you one day.  I am Divine.  My Power is far beyond what you know power to be, and in My sharing of the Power, I gave you a will.  That is the only power you have, and I ask each child to use the power I gave to serve Me.

I bless you with My Love and I hold before your eyes the Star of Hope.  Remember All I have said.  Read It often and keep It close to you, for It will give you the strength to lead all men to the Hill of Hope.  So be it.”

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