ON FEBRUARY 16, 1972 AT 11:42 AM


“My children, I, Saint Michael, come to you on this day to inform you that The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph must be seen, must be heard, must be Honored, must be Revered around the world.

And as I speak These Words, I stand before The Heavenly Queen, to announce Her Appearance here.  Nowhere in the world is this happening, as it is happening here.  This Miracle has been designed by God and has been designed for all men to understand, to come to, and to grow from.  This Miracle is God’s Love for mankind, This Miracle is God’s Truth for all men, and This Miracle is to be perpetuated in all ways.

No child has ever been asked to walk this way, and you, My children, are faced with the Reality of This Miracle.  You are faced with the responsibility of It and you are faced with obedience to It.  You are faced with accepting the Truth and you are faced with accepting, in trust, God’s Will.

In many Visions of Our Heavenly Mother, you have been told to pray the Rosary.  Ask yourselves on this day:  How many of you have obeyed Her Desire, Her Wish, Her Will?  Many of you will have to say, ‘I have not obeyed,’ and many of you will have to say, ‘I have ignored Her Prayers every day,’ and many of you will have to say, ‘It is only my lack of trust.’

And, as you have been Blessed on this day by partaking in a Miracle of such Divine Way, you are Blessed in many ways.  Keep this in mind, My children, and as you leave this dwelling, this place, in the time in which you live, I will give you a Sword to take with you, a Sword of Love, so you, too, will be a soldier for God Above.  Those of you who reject this Sword, it will be sadness to Us, for to carry this Sword when It is handed to you by Us, is a privilege beyond your knowledge.

And The Heavenly Mother asks Me to hand each child a Sword, a Sword of Love.  You are Blessed by this Sword and it is up to you to carry It with honor, with dignity, with integrity, and always in hope that you will grow more in love with The Heavenly Father, and deeper in love with His Way and His Will.

As was said, you are as a grain of sand on the world, no power on your own, only the power of your will to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, to accept truth or untruth.  Oh, My children, be sure that what you accept is truth and do not let any falsehoods lead you, guide you, or help you to stray from God’s Light, God’s Way.

I bless you with the Sword I carry, for It is My strength every day.  So be it.”

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