ON FEBRUARY 27, 1972 AT 7:48 PM


“My children, I am Saint James.  I speak through this child at a moment’s notice.  I attract her attention to Me through the Power of God, and I come to you to say many things.  This Miracle, in such a natural manner, is truly Divine.  No child in the world walks as she walks, so closely connected with The Divine.  She has been so fully prepared to receive Us, for God The Father knew, God The Son knew, that she would accept His Will.  As I come through her on this night, it is to teach you and to tell you what is right.

For centuries God has planned This Miracle to be among man.  This Miracle is to draw mankind to the Feet of God, to the chair Where He is.  This Miracle is to set men’s thinking straight and to correct the heresy that is all around.  There are so many learned men being dragged into the abyss of Hell, because of their pride in what they know, because of the learnings they have, because they followed others who taught wrong.

My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens, I speak through her in a natural manner that is far from this.  As the Power comes through her, My Words reach you.

You live in a time of great sorrow, a time of great sin, a time that many men will have to turn and think of what is right, what is truth; a time when man will have to begin to think of what direction he is going, and a time when man will have to see that there is a great wrong in the world, that satan is trying to gain power over all things.  Man must understand that through these hazardous times, he must lean only on God and The Divine.

You see, My children, I was man and I walked the world as such, and there were many times in the way I lived, in the time I lived, that men tried to drag me down to the abyss of Hell.  It was only through my love for Him Who Is that I was able to stand upon my feet and fight them in every way.  It was only through His Love that I was able to become a Saint.

Oh, My children, first each day, say to God how much you love Him and to thank Him for the day, and as the day progresses along its way, keep in mind the dignity of loving God, the Purpose in the life you have, and the Beauty of the Purpose for you one day.  This is important, My children, for men are losing sight of the importance of this fact for each day.  So many men are struggling around and trying to lean on other men, when all they have to do is awaken in the morning and say to God:

‘I love You.  Stay close to me today.  Protect me, God, and do not let me stray.’

These Words are meaningful.  These Words are full.  These Words say to mankind, ‘This is strength here for you.’

So many things are occurring throughout the world.  There are so many men losing their Souls because of a weakness, because of their catering to their weakness.  Oh, My children, do not let this be one of you.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Awaken each morning and say what I told you to say.’  So be it.”

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