ON FEBRUARY 27, 1972 AT 8:00 PM


“I am Saint Steven.  Many people in the world would call Me ‘Stephen’, but I do like the name Steven, because a very loved one called Me this in My day.

My children, I am in the Heavens Where God is, and All Things surrounding Him are Bliss, All Things surrounding Him are Love, All Things surrounding Him are Joy and Happiness, All Things surrounding Him are Good, They are Truth, They are Justice.

Know, My children, to be Just is an important measure of life.  Many men have false justice towards each other.  So many men depend upon the justice of others and they find that the other one was not so just, and as I come to you on this night, I say: ‘All children should be aware of the Justice of God.  All children should be aware of how He works only in truth, only for the good of all mankind.’

Oh, My children, as I walked the earth there were many weaknesses, and in these weaknesses men showed pride, men showed arrogance, men showed defiance, men showed knowledge, but so few realized that wisdom is different.

In This Miracle Of This Beloved Saint Joseph, All Heaven has been able to come forward and speak What God Wills spoken.  This Miracle is to save mankind from the snares of the evil one, from the jealousy he projects, from the envy he is, from the lack of hope all things are, surrounding him.

I have requested that God allow Me to speak.  He granted Me My wish.  I have spoken before, many times. This child must be seen, must be heard, for through her, a Beloved Saint will become known throughout the world.  We All love Him very much, for you see, He is One of God’s Favored Souls.

I bless you with Divine Love and I bless you with Truth.  I bless you with the Light of the Heavens that God gives to you.  So be it.”

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