ON MARCH 9, 1972 AT 7:36 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Grandmother.  Most children do not refer to Me as this, but because I am the mother of your Beloved Blessed Mother, I am your Heavenly Grandmother.  I am Saint Anne.

The whole world is alerted to This Miracle.  The whole world is responding to It, for you see, My children, it is God’s Will that you draw close to Us.  It is God’s Will that We come to you in a personal way.  Satan is working hard all over the world to gather Souls to spend eternity in Hell.  It will be through This Miracle that Souls will rise above their weaknesses and reach for God’s Love, and that is why We have All come forward to help in this way.

The Heavenly Father has designed this day to be.  You are partaking in a Miracle of Love, for you see, My children, My speaking to you is truly a Miracle.  If I were to appear in the room, I would frighten some.  Some of you would die of shock and some of you would run away, and that is why The Heavenly Father has chosen this way to come to you in a personal way, so you could well understand What is said and the Direction you must take this day.

I am your Grandmother and I do care.  I care because you are God’s Love.  Each child present here, and throughout the world, was created from His Love and through It.  My children, at the moment of conception, a child is given the Greatest Gift he can have.  A child is given a Soul.  Each child here now has a Soul.  Many days you ignore this Great Gift.  Is this not so?  If a man were to walk into this room and hand each of you a great jewel, you would be elated over it.  Some of you would be frightened to carry this jewel at a distance, and many of you would worry over protection for it.  Is this not so?  Then, My children, why do you not protect the Jewel that God gave you at the moment of your conception?  The Jewel, as you readily know, is your Soul.

When you leave this home tonight, keep in mind, you walked in with a Great Jewel and you walk out with the awareness of It.  Please, My children, polish the Jewel, take care of It and thank God each day for It.  And if you feel weak in this way, call on Us.  We will help you protect It, and yes, shine It to a glow.  Keep in mind, your Heavenly Grandmother stands ready at all times to do this with you.  I cannot polish the Jewel for you, but in My Love for you, I will work with you on It and I will join with you in the polishing of It.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Hope, and I bless you with the desire to polish the Jewel God gave you.  So be it.”

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