ON MARCH 26, 1972 AT 12:00 PM


“My children, I am your Heavenly Mother.  If I were to live in your time and be a neighbor of yours, let Us pretend, you and I, that I am knocking on your door to speak with you.  Would you ignore Me?  Would you welcome Me?  Would you invite Me into your home?  I feel you would.  I feel that you would give Me the time of day and respect Who I was.  A physical visit is not likely to be in the way you visit with others, for I am no longer on the earth, but I have been allowed by God to visit you through This Great Miracle of Hope, This Miracle that has been given to the world to save Souls.

Many times I have spoken direct, beseeching children to do the things that will give them hope, and give Souls in Purgatory the Way Here.  Many men say I would not speak this way.  This is not so.  Man cannot design The Father’s Way.  Man cannot make the rules as to how We would come to men.  Man must understand that all through time God has done all things in a particular way, for a particular time, and in a manner best for the children all around; and, of course, the ultimate reason was always for the Soul.

I speak from the Heavens and I say to children whom I know love Me, ‘Be example of the things that will help others better understand The Holy Trinity, My Immaculate Heart, and Sainthood that is available to all mankind.’ So many men have tried to tell men that there is no Hereafter.  Of course, My children, these are satan’s ways, and oftentimes he uses men who are weak in God’s Way, are full of self-love in man’s way, and who want only to look good in the eyes of mankind.  The evil one does not love you; he envies you.  The evil one does not care what happens to you; he is jealous of you.

All Heaven has come forward to fight the enemy for you, but in doing this, The Holy Trinity is giving you the Wisdom and allowing you your will to make the choosing.  Oh, My children, this is God’s Love for you.  He gives you the Wisdom, He gives you the Light, He gives you the freedom, He gives you the chance to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  Satan cannot work this way.  He is not sure that if he gives you the freedom, he fears you will accept the right; and, of course, then you become lost to him.  But God, in His Great Love for you, because He created you to earn the right of Heaven, to earn the right of Sainthood, He gives you the chance and the freedom to choose Him.  This is Love, My little ones.  It is strength, it is courage, it is peace, it is joy, it is tranquillity.

I have spoken many times through this child.  Her will is at God’s Command.  The will of hers is given for the sins of man.  And at the moment of her accepting the Will of The Blessed Trinity, All Heaven came forward, ready to speak, ready to use this child to give you the Way to Heaven.  Oh, it is true, many men have said to God: ‘I give You my will, do with me what You want,’ but circumstances were quite different.  It was He Who approached this child.  It was He Who gave her the prayer.  It was He Who took her heart.  It was He Who chose the way of suffering, of purpose, of task after task, of facing mankind.  It was He Who said to her: ‘I offer you no happiness.  Let your will serve only Me.’ And she agreed, not in a moment of weakness, but in a moment of strength; not in a moment of turmoil, but in a moment of love; not in a moment of despair, but in a moment of great joy; not in a moment of burden, but in a moment of obedience, trust, and love; not with the imagination, not with a desire, but with a full understanding that it was His Will for her.

This place that so many men look upon with criticism, and some even belligerence, she must stand in it, and stand firm on what she knows was God’s Will.  I beg of you, My children, I beseech you, that in your daily way you are determined to find His Will, to perform It, and do not let anyone lead you from It; for many will try, and satan will put many before you:  temptation of the eye.  Do not let it be you who weakens, but turn your way and say, ‘God, I want to do only what You Will me to do today,’ and then, My children, say ‘The Divine Praises’, for they pay Honor to Him; and this is the one prayer that the evil one fears, for as long as you shout, ‘Blessed be God, Blessed be His Holy Name,’ the evil one is sent in despair.

I, your Mother, love you far more than any earthly mother could, for you see, I see your Soul and I see what you can gain by doing God’s Will.  I come to you with a Crown of Heaven.  The Crown is not a crown as you know a crown to be.  The Crown is the Sight of The Holy Trinity.  What mother does not want a child to have the best?  I, too, want the best for thee:  a Crown.  I love you and I bless you in The Sign of The Holy Trinity, and with Grace to one day come Here and be a Saint with All of Us.  So be it.”

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