ON APRIL 11, 1972 AT 9:53 AM


“You will always find, somewhere along the line, you cannot draw the project to complete perfection, for only I am Perfection; but I ask you, My children, that in all things you do through This Miracle of Love, of Hope, you reach for the perfection man can reach for, that man can attain, and I will help you along the way.  Without My Help you cannot attain even the slightest degree, so I ask you to hold My Hand and to pray to Me each step of the way.

Many children will be eager to serve on this Hill, and many will try to do in a way that will serve man.  This cannot be.  You must learn from the bottom of the Hill to the top of the Hill, you must do it My Way.  This Hill is Important to Me, for it is My Design for a Son dedicated to The Holy Trinity.  I want all men to see the Beauty of My Way.  I want all men to feel the purpose of the pure way.  I want all men to know that I designed this Hill for a Son Who was obedient to My Will.  I want all men to see the Importance of this Hill, and yes, the peace this Hill gives to the Soul, to the physical.

Many buildings on this Hill will be made with different material, and as they are, you will see the beauty of My allowing man to do certain things in different ways.

I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘The Hill must be My Way, for it is My Plan for a Son Who walked the land in obedience and trust, humility and love, totally My Way.’  So be it.”

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