ON APRIL 19, 1972 AT 11:10 AM


“My children, I am a Saint Who lived a long time ago.  I was small in stature and many times I was much alone.  I knew the truth of my way, for you see, I had seen the Vision with the physical eyes, man’s way.  And many men tried to deny my way, and many men tried to say I was false in my seeing, but I was not, for my eyes saw clear The Heavenly Mother.  My ears heard Her Words that She did say.  I passed the word on to others who stood by, and some did not understand or care to understand, and some said, ‘Let it be my way, not yours, Bernadette.’

So it is again in the day you live.  Heaven speaks through a child and many say, ‘Why her, why not me?’ And I say to you: ‘Are you ready for the sorrow that comes with It?  Are you ready for the abuse of It?  Are you ready to be obedient to God’s Will, all His Way?’

I stand Here in the Heavens and many times I hear children say about the place I was, and they think it one of Beauty, they think it one of Greatness, and I say now, ‘It is, for Our Lady made it that way, and God allowed it to be.’

And as I stand Here in the Heavens, I see another Miracle of Hope, another Miracle of Love being given in your day, through a child such as you.  This time it is to make known to the world the Power, the Beauty, the Greatness of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  This Time was Decreed a long time ago.  This Time was known by God to have to be.

As you partake in a Miracle of Love, of Hope, I say to each of thee: ‘Do not feel so smug in your way that you reject the Beauty of the Teaching that you receive today.  Do not cling to what you feel is your way, but look to God’s, and you will feel peace, joy, tranquillity, hope and love.  You will feel the beauty of the physical way and you will feel the Purpose of your life.’

It is so easy for some men to say, ‘It would be easy to die.’ Oh, My children, only is it easy to die when you know there is another day, and only is it easy to die when you fall in love with God so deeply that you want nothing else to take its place; and I suggest to each child here to walk this way, to fall so deeply in love with God in a little way, in a special way, that when He does call you, no matter what your age, you will look forward to seeing His Beloved Face.

I say to you now: ‘The Souls in Purgatory have one great thing; that is hope, and through the Holy Rosary, hope is what they live upon in the place, what they exist upon, because, you see, hope says to them that one day they will be with God in Eternity.’

You walk the physical way and sometimes you forget to pray, and sometimes you forget the necessity of others who do not walk your way, and so, My children, as you live each physical day, keep this in mind:  The Holy Rosary is hope for those who once walked in the way of mankind.  It is a weapon stronger than you know, and the prayers that are involved in it are more powerful than you know, for you see, when you say, ‘I believe in God,’ you say much and He loves to hear it, for you see, it is a personal touch.  And when you say, ‘Our Father Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name,’ oh, My children, how He loves to hear His Name.  And when you say, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee,’ you recognize the place in which She stood upon the earth for you.  You recognize that She is The Intercessor for Grace, and you recognize the Purity of Her Way.  You recognize the Obedience, the Love, the Beauty that She stood in.  Does this not say that the Holy Rosary has a beauty all its own?  And when you say, ‘Glory be to The Father and to The Son ...,’ you recognize The Holy Trinity.

Oh yes, other prayers have been given along the way for you to say.  Some children reject these prayers and they say, ‘I do not want to say those prayers.’ Oh, My children, can the prayer hurt you?  Will the prayer detain you along the way?  And when you meditate on these Great Mysteries, they tell a story that no man can design.  They tell a story of Divine Way, and all the way from the ‘Annunciation’ to the ‘Crowning of the Glory’ you have a perfect story.

I come to you on this day for there are many children in this room that love The Heavenly Queen.  There are many children in this room who say the Holy Rosary.  I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Hope.  I bless you with Truth, and I say, ‘Do not be foolish children and run away.’  So be it.”

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