ON APRIL 19, 1972 AT 1:28 PM


“I have announced for some time, through this child, how I want man to look to The Commandments I once gave to the world.  I have announced it again and again, and now I am prepared to teach man the meaning of My Commandments.  At this moment, My children, I will give you just a few.

I said to man, ‘Do Not Have strange gods Before Me.’ Man is ignoring My Rule, man is ignoring this fact, man is ignoring My Command, man is using many things to honor instead of Me.  Man is placing many things higher than I am.  Man is using many things as a god instead of understanding that only I Am God, and other things will not last forever.  Many men are adoring material things.  Many men are using the physical flesh as a god, and many men are using other men to follow in all things.  Oh, My children, I could go on and on with this.

One of My Commandments says, ‘Do Not Kill.’ Man says, ‘I am not killing other men.’ And I say to each man in the world: ‘You are misinterpreting My Commandment, for oftentimes you take part in killing the will of another man.  You kill the Soul, you kill the mental, and you kill the physical when you can.’

And now I am coming to the world through this child, to alert man once again to the Ten Commandments that I gave, The Rules for man.  Many men say, ‘I do not sin against The Commandments in my day,’ and I say to man, ‘Look to These Rules and see how many you disobey.’

One of My Commandments said, ‘Do Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.’ Oh my, satan is using this one against Me, for he is using man’s weakness in every way he can.  Promiscuity is all around, My children, and in many ways, it is being dressed up to look like the natural thing for man to do.  Oh, you must see the horror of your day, and you must recognize that I am in anger for the way man is treating The Commandments I gave.

As I come through this child, I come through a Miracle of Hope, for This is What I am giving to mankind to straighten man’s thinking out and to curb man’s way of living; also, to give man the wisdom to go on, the wisdom to seek the truth, the wisdom to follow Who I Am.  I Am your God.

My children, many men now are discussing the validity of This Miracle.  Many men now are discussing, ‘Who is she to walk God’s Way so intimately?’ And I say to them: ‘I have made the choice and it is for your good.  This is what I want you to follow, not to discern what you feel I should do, how I should act, but to follow the truth I place before you.’

My children, I gave man The Holy Eucharist, I gave man The Bread of Life.  I gave man, through My Son, Things of Great Importance, and so many men now are desecrating These Gifts I gave.  At the Last Supper, The Bread was handed to the first followers of My Son.  The Wine was handed to them in a manner they could accept.  They were the first priests; and, now, man is saying that The Son handed This to anyone.  That is not so, and I am disturbed at man’s promiscuity, man’s deliberate attempt to defy Me.  And I want certain men to see These Words I give to you now.

I bless you with My Love and I say, ‘As you work in the shop similar to the one of Saint Joseph’s day, I smile upon you, and I bless you with the Wisdom that I taught through The Son Who loved enough to give you Life Ever After.’”

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