ON APRIL 20, 1972 AT 7:53 PM


“My sons and My daughters, I am Saint John.  In the time I lived, I was given a great responsibility.  I cherished it.  It was a privilege to watch over The Mother of The Son Who was crucified for everyone.

As I stood at the foot of the Cross with Her, I stood watching the agony in His Eyes, but feeling the beat of Her Heart, the tears that She held inside.  Her body, wracked with sorrow, could hardly stand under the strain, but She stood there, for She did not want to leave Him alone while He was in pain, and She kept pleading with The Father to help This Son, and yet She knew that God’s Will was being done.  It was a Mother’s Love for The Son on Calvary.

And now, again She is pleading with The Father, for you see, all children in the world are Her children, and She says: ‘Please, God, do not use Your Fist.  Do not be so angered that You will destroy them.’ She is The One, My children, holding back His Fist.  You must be in knowledge of this, for there must be much prayer go forward from you, and you must stand, knowing that your Beloved Heavenly Mother is shielding you.

Please, as you go through each day, think of the sorrow you are causing when you do not pray, when you do not accept God’s Will, when you do not follow the Ten Commandments, and when you do not receive the Ultimate Gift.

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘At the foot of the Cross I learned the beautiful way.’ And as I stand Here in the Heavens I say: ‘Obey The Mother.  Obey The Father.  Think of purity in Their Way.  Work on being humble, for when you do, you will feel the strength of it, you will feel the power that it is, and you will feel God’s Love for you.’  So be it.”

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