ON APRIL 27, 1972 AT 7:53 PM


“My children, nowhere in the world is This taking place.  Nowhere in the world are children being given the opportunity to hear firsthand, Divine Words, Divine Love, Divine Truth.  Nowhere in the world are These Words being given to so many, and nowhere in the world is God’s Love showing so deeply, strongly.

I say to you on this night, ‘Be wise, My children, do not follow others, because if you do, you will fall into a weakness; but follow God’s Way, follow God’s Truth, follow God’s Ten Commandments that He gave for each of you.’

He said to man a long time ago: ‘I Am Your God.  Do not hold other gods up before Me.’ Satan was determined to use man’s weakness against this Commandment.  And satan has encouraged men of all kinds to use things against God.  Now you live in a time where many men hold materialism up as their god.  Some men hold up the flesh in a godlike way.  Some men hold up success and say, ‘This is my god, in my day, in my way.’ I could go on and on.

Man does not understand the fullness of These Great Commandments given by God.  God said, ‘Do not take My Name in vain.’ Man ignores this Commandment, and man is profane.  When man angers, he shouts God’s Name; when man fears, he shouts God’s Name, but never in dignity, always in a manner pleasing to the evil one, to God’s enemy.  Children are not being taught how to treat God’s Name.  Children are not being taught The Commandments God gave.

God says, ‘Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.’ And man says, ‘That is a thing of the past, it is not for me in my day.’ God did not give The Commandment for those who just lived at that time.  God gave The Commandment for all times, until He decides the world will no longer be.  Keep this in mind, My children.  He laid this Commandment down for many reasons.  Man must give God time.  Man must give God more time than he does.

The Commandments are not just words.  And please believe Me, My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens Where I am, I see children misusing words.  Children accept a meaning that is pleasing to them and what they do not feel fits in with their daily lives, they toss aside.  Keep this in mind.

God says, ‘Do not kill.’ Man says, ‘I do not go around killing.’ This is not so.  Some men are eagerly killing Souls each day.  Some men kill the spirit of another man when they see the other one trying to do God’s Will.  There are many meanings to this word ‘kill’.  I could go on and on.

God says, ‘Do not steal.’ Man says, ‘I do not steal.’ And God says, ‘Many times you rob other men of dignity.  You rob other men of the beauty of their will.’ I could go on and on.

There are Others Here to speak so I will not teach further in this way, but I say to each child here in My Presence on this night, ‘Take The Commandments, look into Them, and then obey Them.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Hope; I bless you with Light.  So be it.”

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