ON MAY 2, 1972 AT 7:54 PM


“My beloved children, man has paid Honor to Me on this day.  Many men do not know My way.  Many men have said, ‘Who is He?’ Many men say, ‘I wish we had Him around in our day.’ I smile at this, My children.  I am Saint Athanasius.

In the time in which I lived, there was a great heresy all around.  Arian was its name.  In the time in which you live, a great heresy is all around, and man has not yet named it.  Heaven will one day.  There are many men around now, telling untruths, and, My children, heresy is developed untruth.  Keep this in mind.

Do not blind yourself to the evil all around.  Do not blind yourself to the weakness that is all around, and do not accept it as the natural thing.  It is not.  Oh, My children, be fully aware that heresy is everywhere and you must fight it, you must stand up for truth, and you must not let others draw you into it.

On this day, many men have prayed to Me, for My Name came out on a calendar way.  But I say to you as I leave now, ‘Be aware of the heresy, be aware of its growth, and pray that it will be buried into the ground.’  So be it.”

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