ON MAY 2, 1972 AT 8:12 PM



“My beloved children, the child will describe to you another Vision.  And with this Vision, I will speak to you.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

The men of the world are shouting for peace.  The men in the world are causing destruction because of their weakness.  Somewhere, particular men are going to have to stop and think.  Some men, somewhere, are going to have to stop and be example.  Some men, somewhere, are going to have to stand firm, stand strong, and show only truth in all things they do, all things they speak, all things they accept.  There are so few men in the world now who are willing to give up their weaknesses.

The Vision the child is about to describe to you is one of such Beauty that she will give It to you slowly, piece by piece.”


It is the world, large in size, and above it are hovering Seven Groups of Angels, and They are singing a song.  Our Lady said I could say the Words:

“Nowhere in the world are We not present.  Nowhere in the Heavens are We not there.  We are a comfort to many, in sorrow and sadness, and We are forever ready to sing when the occasion arises.  We are ever ready to be by your side.  We are ever ready to do God’s Will.  We are ever ready to show you God’s Plans.  We are ever ready to take you by the hand.  We are ever ready to lead you from darkness.  We are ever ready to show you the way to be.  We are ever ready to join with you in laughter.  We are ever ready to enjoy the beauty of all things.  We are ever ready to help you in God’s Love and We are ever ready to help you accept God’s Peace.”

The lilt when They sing is just beautiful.


“You see, My children, All Heaven is prepared to help you in all things.  There is no One Here Who would dare neglect you.  There is no One Here that would deny you anything.  When you are praying for something special and you feel you are not receiving it, look to the good that you have, look to the beauty of certain things, and keep in mind, that sometimes God does not give you what you request, but He always gives you more in another way which is best for you.

You know, My children, the world that you take so much pride in, will one day not be, but your Souls will live on for All Eternity.  Would it not be wise then, that each child here keep in mind the foreverness of your Soul and the Beauty that It is, the true test that it was when God gave It to you?  There are so many things that children do not know about the Soul.  First of all, it is up to the individual child to help the Soul glow to a great brightness.

I ask each child here to keep in mind the Ten Commandments.  I ask each child here to keep in mind the necessity for prayer.  I ask each child here to keep in mind the beloved Sacraments.  I ask each child here to keep in mind the beauty of the mind, and do not destroy it with weak thoughts and sin.

My children, I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘As you have been present in The Miracle of your day, be sure that you pray to grow from this night forward, into one day becoming a Saint.’  So be it.”

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