ON MAY 3, 1972 AT 11:18 AM


“My children, I am Saint Rita.  I speak through this child at the request of God.

I, too, walked the world in the married state, and then in the lone state.  I walked the world, hoping always to be obedient to God’s Will, hoping always to see what plans He had for me, hoping always to serve only He.

One day, when I was given the Wound at a later time of my life, I knew this Wound was to save Souls, especially mine.  But I say to you now, those present here, ‘Use the vocation you have chosen, to be a Saint.’

There will be a great place upon this Hill of Hope to show mankind that men in all vocations will be able to one day serve personally in The Divine.

Also, My children, find the place where you are and use the time that you have to serve God, for you see, all the time that you spend in service to Him will be added up by Him and will help Judgment Day for thee.

If you have followed one vocation and then have walked into another vocation, use both vocations on the path to The Holy Trinity.

I bless you from Heaven Where I am and I say, ‘It is through your physical that you will come This Way.’  So be it.”

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