ON MAY 4, 1972 AT 9:57 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am in such joy tonight in the Heavens, for I hear children plan, according to man’s way, a great time in the History of the world.  As you plan for this great day, for children to honor The Beloved Saint Joseph, I smile and say: ‘I walked the earth with Him one day.  He was a man of Gentleness, a man of Courage, a man of Faith, a man of Obedience, a man of Trust and a man of True Love.  He was a man dedicated to God’s Will.  He was a man who worked each day solely for Grace.  He was a man who protected a Son.  He was a man who taught a Son.  He was a man who cared for This Son.  He was a man who, in His Protection of Me, always put God’s Will first.  It made a happy home, it made a place where We enjoyed to be.’

I, too, will be on the Hill of Hope on this day you plan for.  I have a request to make, of Mine:  As I walked the earth with Two Sons of God, I enjoyed hearing the voices of other sons.  Will you gather in a ‘Living Rosary’ to Me and let your voices ring out in Honor to Me?  I say this, for as you stand on this Hill of Hope, you will be example to all men as He was in His day, and as you pray, others will stand by and they will feel the strength of your way, they will feel the courage you will show in saying out loud, ‘Hail Mary, full of Grace.’

So, as I say These Words to you on this night, I bless you with a Mother’s Love and I say, ‘Let your voices ring out, let your heart be Mine, let your will be God’s, and let the work you do be to show the world The Beloved Spouse.’  So be it.”

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