ON MAY 12, 1972 AT 11:10 AM



There are Three Saints present.  One is Saint Peter, One is Saint Alphonsus.

He’s smiling; I’m having a difficult time pronouncing His Name.  I can’t pronounce it and He’s laughing.  He says, “Say, ‘Bor-ro-me-o, Bor-ro-me-o.’” I couldn’t, He said it so quickly.

The Three of Them are smiling.  I see with the Eyes of my Soul.  I do not see with my eyes, as I told you.  Saint Borromeo is going to talk.  He smiles.


“My sons and My daughters, My Name is difficult for the lips of the child.  I do not often announce Myself through her.  The difficulty is in the human pronunciation.

Let us now, you and I, look at this time in which you live.  It is a time of great chaos, great difficulty, and in many ways, if you were to see from Our view the surrounding area in which you live, you would cover your eyes, cover your ears, and ask to be released from the view.

You gather in a room where there is much Love, but Love as God knows Love to be, not love as man suspects it to be or accepts it to be.  You are sheltered as you remain here, but I say to you now, ‘There are so few areas such as this in the world.’ There is little regard for The Holy Trinity, as One.  And men are saying the Ten Commandments are not necessary and they are sinning against each one.  When you leave this dwelling in your time, I ask each child in My Presence here, no matter what age you are, to look into the full meaning of These Words, These Rules that God has placed before all men.

God says, ‘Do not have strange gods before Me.’ And so many men are walking around saying that they have great gifts to give to mankind, and they are placing these gifts they feel they have, first, before The Divine King.  They are so enveloped in self-satisfaction, self-acclaim and self-love, that they are not seeing the evil that these things are doing or letting occur.  My children, anything that builds your pride so much, beware of.  Anything that makes you desperate to feel God’s Presence in an unusual way, be cautious of.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I come forth through this child with a Great Love, a Deep Affection for you, for you see, I walked the earth and now I stand Here with The Divine Three.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has been put upon the earth to teach you the Wisdom of God’s Way, to give you firsthand His Generosity and His Truth, His Wisdom and His Love.

I will leave now for Another wants to speak.  We speak because God allows it to be.  We use the child because of the joining of her will with The Divine Three.

I bless you with God’s Power and through His Power, and I say, ‘Please, look into What I did say, for when you do, you will realize that much has to be sifted here, and it is for your good These Words come through.’  So be it.”

11:18 A.M.


“My beloved children, I am Peter, and I come through This Miracle of Love, This Miracle of Hope, to caution you, to alert you to the tragedy all around.

Satan is working hard to diminish the Priesthood.  Remember, My children, I walked with the First Priest.  I know His Desire, His Wishes, His Will, for I stand Here with Him now in Heaven.  And satan has made a plan to draw children from God’s Way and for them to act totally as man.  Keep this in mind, for satan is going to try to equalize his church with Holy Mother Church.  It cannot be allowed.  It must be stopped.  And those who join in this must cease, for God’s Church is the First, Holy, True Church.

I, Saint Peter, command you to follow What I have said and to be alerted to What comes through this child, for you see, It is Heaven.

I bless you with God’s Power and I bless you with My Love for His Way, and I say, ‘Let your will do His Will each day.’  So be it.”

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