ON JUNE 16, 1972 AT 8:25 PM


“My beloved sons, as this child speaks to you, It is I, your Heavenly Mother Who speaks to you.  When I walked upon the earth, I walked the earth with many, many men; important men at that time, for you see, Two of Them guarded Me.  First, The Beloved Joseph; God gave Him the task of protecting Me.  Another man was passed this task and His Name was John.  He, too, guarded Me well.  So you see, men are special to Me.

I had a Son.  This Son was Special to the whole world, for He was The One God made to free you, so one day you could spend Eternity with Him.

I, in My Heavenly Way, desire to protect you in every way.  Your prayers to Me mean more than I can say.  Your desire to work in the service of God is love to Me, for you see, it is a repeat of other men who walked the earth with Me.

I ask you, My sons, to keep close to your side the Holy Rosary, for when you do, I know that you love Me.

This Miracle has been placed upon the earth to save mankind.  It is God’s Gift to the world.  It is God’s Love for all men.  Through this child, We All speak.  It is the first time.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, so The Beloved Father has designed This Time to be, to help you, to guard you, to protect you, as the Sons once did for Me.

And now, My children, when despair comes within you, doubt or fear, keep this in mind:  Take My Hand, stay close to My Being, and you will surely one day come to The Divine.

As I use this child in many ways right now, I desire to use you in special ways, so many children can reach the Crown.  The Crown in Heaven is not a crown as you know a crown to be; the Crown is seeing The Holy Trinity.

Please, My sons, work much, and do all things in God’s Name, for as you perform each task, offer it to God and say: ‘Let this small act of love be used by You in any way You choose.  Let it gain me Grace, let it help me grow in Your Way.’

Oh, My sons, you have Sainthood, if you desire it to be so.  If I entered the room and I offered you a jewel, each of you would say, ‘Thank You, Mother, for this gift, today.’ I offer you a Jewel on this night:  Sainthood, My sons.  Do all things right.  As you work in a particular way on this Hill of Hope in your day, you work for God Who made you.  You work for His Plan, for His Will, and as you do, His Will will be done by you and all who follow your example.

God has Decreed This Time to be, for The Beloved Joseph to become known throughout the world.  This Hill of Hope will give men physical hope, mental hope and Spiritual hope.  It is a small word but it has a magnitude attached to it.

Please, My children, do all things for The Heavenly Father, and as you do, stay close to Me, for I am your Heavenly Mother.

All Heaven has come forward for This Great Miracle on earth, and through This Miracle God extends His Hands and says, ‘Hold Them tight and I will lead you to Life.’  So be it.”

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