ON JUNE 17, 1972 AT 2:50 PM


“My children, I am Saint Ignatius.  I come through this child to reach you before it is too late.  I come with an urgency.  I come with Love, and I come in a direct way.

God places her before you, a Victim Soul for you.  Just what do you intend to do with today?  Do you intend to pass It off, or to try to understand What has been given to you from God’s Plan?  How many children here, in My Presence now, see Me?  Not one.  And only through the Power of God could this child see Me, but I do not want it so.  I want you each to accept the Beauty of This Miracle and how The Father would grant you a Personal Touch with Him.

In My day We, too, had fools, and many men rejected Truth, for they said Truth was for the weak.  Not so.  Truth is for the strong.  Truth is strength.  Lies are weakness.

You have been Blessed much today, My children, for All of Heaven was alerted to this child’s being with you, and at no time during the day or night is she without Our sight.  And as she speaks to you, it is Our Love that comes through, not hers, for her love is for God.  It is His Love and Our Love for you.

You are Blessed with The Holy Trinity.  Heed each Word, absorb each Sound, react to each Direction, and love God from the ground.  So be it.”

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