ON JUNE 24, 1972 AT 11:51 AM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, never in your life did you expect to hear My Words, My Voice, in a place such as this.  A long time ago, I had this Hill in mind.  You see, My children, I created this Hill as I created you.  For a period of time, I allowed man to care for this Hill, I allowed man to be the landlord of it, and now I have come to the world to reclaim it as My Own, to do with what I Will, for Souls to come Here for all time.

As you work each moment on this Hill, I bless you with My Love, and I say to each child, ‘Take each moment, give it to Me, so one day you will be a Saint.’ Man has forgotten the Beauty of Sainthood.  Man does not realize that the Purpose of life is to be a Saint.  So many have been taught that only a few have been chosen for this particular state.  Not so.  At the moment of your conception in the physical way, I said to your heart, ‘Come, be with Me for all days.’ But the little will that I gave you blossomed out and decided, in many times, in many ways, to be selfish.

But now I come to the world through a child such as you, to give you the opportunity to learn how to be a Saint.  So, every step you take upon this Hill of Mine, upon the ground that I created, make it a point, My children, to offer it to Me in The Divine, for one day this Hill will glow with Love from Me, but it will be the love of man that will encourage others to see the Beauty of My Way for All Eternity.

The work that you are involved in here is minor to the real work that is occurring on this Hill, for as you do the physical work, I multiply the Grace for you, and as this occurs, your Soul takes on a different Light and It begins to glow.  So, one day, when you see the Light of your Soul, you will say, ‘Oh, my God, if I had but known the Beauty of It, I would have bent low.’

And now I bless you with My Love and I bless you with Hope, and I bless you with the desire to be a Saint and I bless you with the glow of your Soul.  So be it.”

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