ON JUNE 26, 1972 AT 1:04 PM


“Man has forgotten the profit in cleansing.  Man says, ‘I live in a world that desires to be sterile of many things.’ But the true cleansing is in the purity of the Soul, of the way.

Men are ignoring the Ten Commandments, for through These Commandments, in obedience to Them, man can be cleansed of sin in a particular way.

Man has forgotten the beauty of confession, for man says: ‘I do not need this.  All I need do is speak to God Himself.’ Man does not want to go through channels.  Man says, ‘I have a direct line,’ but God says: ‘I have given you the way.  Do it My Way, not yours, for My Way is a Pure Way.  My Way is good for you.’

There are so many children in the world who, when this Great Hill of Hope is accomplished God’s Way, these children will begin to see the beauty, and yes, the integrity and the dignity of things done in God’s Way.  This Hill will stand for Solid Truth.  The core of it is Truth.  The base of it is Truth.  The goal of it is Truth.  All things that occur upon this Hill must be faced in a truthful way and all things must be faced with a cleansing background.  In other words, My children, when men come upon this Hill, they must desire a cleansing within, without.  They must desire to know more about God’s Truth.  They must feel the Presence of His Way all the way to the top of the Hill.

The men who will service this Hill for God in a special way, must love God first, and then the world of men.  These men must understand the beauty of loving God in an unselfish way.  These men must teach the practicality and the beauty of the Sacraments God gave.  These men must know first, that to lead others they must believe solely, themselves, in what they say.

Oh, My children, there are so many things to be, because God Wills it this way.  I am a Saint Who has rarely spoken through this child.  I am of a long time ago.  I am a Saint that men would say, ‘I do not know.’ But now, as I come through this child, I come, not in a delicate way but in a definite way.  I, My children, am Tobias.

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Truth.  I bless you with Love and I say, ‘The Hill of Hope is for you.’  So be it.”

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