ON JULY 12, 1972 AT 8:16 PM


“My beloved children, I know that This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is new to you.  It must be special to you.

As We walked the earth, I was His Wife.  I was The Mother of Our Son, and I knew that the Light We were to follow was a Special One.  When the Child was born to the world, men gathered to honor This Special One.  As We talked with these men, they said they had followed a light.  They said that the light they followed was bright; they referred to it as a star.  This star was special, My children, to the world and for the world, for all time.

And now again, The Father gives another Light to the world; and now again, The Father gives a Light for all children to remember, to seek, to follow.  The Beloved Joseph’s Hill will be the Light to the world, as the Light was to Bethlehem a long time ago.  Man is quick to see a light, man is quick to wonder what a light is all about.  Man refers to light as hope.  So as I speak to you children on this night, I say with Love, as only a Mother can do, ‘The Beloved Joseph’s Hill is the Light for you.’

As I stand Where I am, in constant search of Souls, I plead with you, I beg you to be conscious of those who were not fortunate enough to see the Light that you must see, that is a Hill; who were not fortunate enough to learn to pray, to learn to say, to learn to do, to learn to give, God’s Way.

My children, I have appeared in many Visions throughout the world.  I am much evident in The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, for when The Father announced This Miracle to be, All Heaven came forward and requested to participate, to The Divine Three.  Much delight was experienced when He said, ‘This Miracle of This Beloved Saint, of This Beloved Son Who walked the earth in obedience and trust, will be One Alone for all time, and I expect All Those Here to participate to help others come Here.’

It is true, My little ones, that you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and as you live in this time, God is giving you the chance to escape, a chance for you to better understand His Way.  It is His Love for you.  His Love is Boundless, His Way Divine, and His Generosity for those whom He created, far beyond man’s knowledge, far beyond man’s dream of any kind.

I bless you with My Motherly Love.  I bless you with the Hope that you must come Above.  I bless you with the Trust of how The Father would work.  I bless you in the Words I love to hear children say throughout the world, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine.’ So few children understand these words.  So few children desire to truly say them.  So few children know the meaning of them.

As I stop speaking through this child, I bless each child present here now in a Personal Way.  I touch your heart with Mine.  I embrace you with My Mantle, and I say, ‘Be a good child for your Mother, every day.’  So be it.”

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