ON JULY 14, 1972 AT 9:25 PM


“My beloved children, oftentimes you have heard man say, ‘If you stand upon a hill and open a bag containing many feathers on a windy day, they will flow in many places.’ This Miracle of Great Hope I place upon a Hill of Hope, and as the Words leave the child’s mouth, They are as the feathers that you know about.  They go in all places, They wander around the world, and when I decide to let One fall, I place It where It will do Its most worth.

As you stand on the Hill of Hope, as you work for the Will of Mine, I bless you with Grace from The Divine.

You gather in a human way and as you do, I say to you today, ‘Keep in mind that I, Who created you, am now asking you to serve in a special way.’ I do not say to you, ‘Gather the Feathers, gather the Words,’ but I do expect you to make things come about in a proper manner so that when children come to this Great Hill of Hope, after they have caught the Feather which is truly My Word, they will come well-prepared and they will see your love there.

My children, I have spoken millions of Words through this child.  I designed This Miracle.  I designed the Hill of Hope.

And now I bless you with My Love, and I say: ‘You are My children, every day, and through this work you will do for Me, you will gain Grace, Reward, and Eternity.  Be blessed by your love and be blessed by Mine.  Be obedient to My Will and trust in The Divine.’

As I use this child, I will use you in a manner different, in a way that is particular for you.  Please, My children, do as I Will, and build the Hill.  So be it.”

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