ON JULY 19, 1972 AT 11:15 AM


“My children, many things the child has just said, I said to you.  I am your Father, and as I speak through this child who is as flesh and blood, as you, I use her as an instrument to transmit to you My Truth, My Way, My Love, My Desire for you.

I have come to the world in a great way and in a fine manner.  I come to you in a special Form.  I have asked man to be humble.  I desire this from all men for humility is strength; and as I speak to you, it is with humility I come, it is humility I show, it is humility I teach.

It is the first time in the world I come so openly, so often, to teach the Way to Here.  My children, This Miracle of Hope is My Gift to men.  This Miracle is to show man the importance of humility, of Which I Am.  As I stand High in the Heavens, guarding and guiding all things, I come through a child whom I created, to teach My other beings.

I want all men to learn from humility.  I want children to learn the importance of obedience and the need for trust in My Way.  I want children of all colors, all creeds, to come to Me as a child:  humble, loving and desiring to do My Will.  I want children to be example of My Way.

I use the child as I have always done, to reach the world.  I did it with My Son, and through a man such as you, I delivered My Command.  I told you through him1 of what I desired for every man.

Children are omitting these Great Thoughts of Mine.  Children are not looking to The Divine.  Oh My children, as I stand in the Heavens Where I am, I teach you humility so you can follow it as men.  I project My Love in a way that you can handle, you can take; I use another man.  I teach you the act of obedience through her, obedience to My Plan.  I teach you trust, for she trusts wholly in Me; so when she stands before you she is subjected only to Me.

I have given you a will, I have given you the way, I have given you the example.  Please come My Way.  And as this child is a channel for Me, an instrument of Truth, a link of Love to Me, a fork, a spoon, I use her as a faucet to pour My Words to thee.  I use her as a Victim Soul so that you will see the Love I have for you, the need I have for thee.

I have taught you on this day humility.  I have given you My Hand and I say, ‘If you are wise, if you love Me, you will never let go of this Hand I give to thee.’ And when other men ask you to stray, remember My Hand I gave you today.  Remember the Teaching I passed on to you, through a child such as you.

This Hill of Hope is for all men.  It is My Love, My Teaching, My Generosity, My Gift, and as you enter this Great Hill, it shows you the path to one day be a Saint Here with Me.  So be it.”

1  Refers to Moses.

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