ON JULY 26, 1972 AT 7:50 PM



A particular Saint wants everyone in the room tonight to secretly examine your conscience along with mine.  I will examine mine.  Ask yourself these questions.  And then I’m sure the Saint will announce Himself to you.  He’s beautiful.  That’s what I’m smiling at.


“First of all, when you awakened on this day, did you pray?  Did you offer the day God’s Way, or did you become so preoccupied with the tasks at hand that you ignored the most important part of your day, which should be in God’s Plan?

Second:  My children, did you do God’s Will in each act you performed?  Could you stand before Him now to be Judged?  And could you say, ‘I am ready, my God, to come to You today’?

Third:  Was there any time during the day that you thought of God’s Rules for just a moment?  The Ten Commandments are His Rules.  Did you ignore Them or did you make a point of thinking about Them?  Because, through These Rules, obedience to Them, each of us can become a Saint.

As you sat for repast for the physical needs, did you thank The Father for what was on the table for you, or did you take it for granted and just eat the food?

Did you plan on, from this night forward, to do God’s Will, or will you leave this edifice, doing as you have done, just taking care of the material things one by one?  Have you expressed love in your little way, or have you accepted love in a selfish way?

Have you passed through the day in all pride, encouraging your ego to stand strong, or did you act humble so others could see God’s Example through you?  Did you take His Name in vain, just to release tension, or did you say a small prayer or an ejaculation?

When you awoke this morning, did you walk to the Railing of Love?  Did you receive the Ultimate Gift from Above, or did you have excuse to say, ‘I did not have the time, I did not feel the need to look His Way’?

My children, I am Saint Athanasius, and I question you on this night to make you think, to ask you to think, so you will begin to do all things right.  There are so many things children forget to do each day.  And This Miracle of Love, This Miracle of Hope, has been sent to the world to teach you God’s Way.

You live in a time of much heresy, and in order to face this in your day, you will have to take stock of how you live, how you feel, and what you give, God’s Way.

Be blessed by this night.  Be blessed by His Love.  Be blessed by the Truth that reached you from Heaven Above.  Walk from the edifice, feeling a need to change, and as you do this, promise The Father that from now on you will walk through each day, holding His Hand; and learn to pray.  So be it.”

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