ON JULY 26, 1972 AT 7:58 PM


“My children, I am Saint Tobias. The child has asked Me, ‘Which One?’ And I say to you, ‘The younger One.’ And I want each child here tonight to keep in mind All the Words that arrive through a being God made, through a creation of His, through His Love for the whole world.

So many children are trying to escape, going from place to place, trying to find Grace, trying to place themselves where there is no sin, trying to put those they love in a cubicle so evil cannot reach them.  The greatest weapon in the world is not escape, My children.  It is to stand firm on what you know is truth, and to stand strong in truth.  And as you do this, keep in mind to carry the Sword of Saint Michael all the time, for the Sword is not a sword as you know one to be.  It is Love for The Holy Trinity.

I come to you from a long time ago, for you see, the time on earth is preparation for the time you must spend with The Holy Trinity, for as you must serve here and now to one day arrive Here Where We are, keep this in mind:  It is only the beginning of Life for there is much Service Here to The Father, for as We are Here, Our Happiness is in serving Him all the time.

I bless you from a Realm you have not seen.  I bless you in a way you understand, for It was given to you by The Son of The Holy Trinity, for as He hung upon the Tree, His Head was in a position, the highest part of Him; His Shoulders slumped with pain, with agony, and from the strain.  Oh, My children, The Heart has always remained.  So be it.”

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