ON JULY 29, 1972 AT 7:30 PM


“My beloved children, I am a Saint in the Heavens that one child in the room has paid much attention to for many years.  I am Saint Bonaventure.

There are many things that have been taught through this child, through this channel for God, through this link, through this faucet, through this fork.

There have been edifices named in My Honor, teaching children many things.  I say to you on this night: ‘Many of the teachings were good, many of the teachings were not.  Many of the children absorbed only a small amount.  Many of the children interpreted the teachings their own way, and so now they are in positions where they are leading others, and I am sad to say, to stray.’

Please, My children, keep in mind the Beauty of the Sacraments God gave you to keep order to your way.  Many men are now ignoring the Beauty of Baptism.  In all ways, The Father showed all children the need for it, the necessity of it, and the purpose it was.  Please, My children, from the Heavens Where I am, I say in a natural way but with Supernatural Direction: ‘If there are some you know who have not been baptized in the proper way, from the proper man, see that it is done so.  It is important to God that this be.’

My children, satan is using many means to desecrate The Ultimate Gift from God.  He is using man, he is using woman, and he is using weakness.  All men must begin to know The Ultimate Gift as It truly is.  My children, it was The Son of The Father that presented to the world The Holy Eucharist.  He did it in a Beautiful Manner.  He did it with Respect, He did it with Honor, He did it with Love; but now, in the time in which you live, men are becoming presumptuous regarding This Ultimate Gift.  I ask you on this night, to stand up for This Great Gift the same way you would had you lived at the time It was first given at the Table of Hope, the Table of Love, the Table of Announcement, the Table of Truth, the Table that God gave you.

There are many Words I could teach this night.  There are many things I could speak about to give you great Light.  There is much Wisdom in These Words from Us Here.  There is All Truth, and there is a Love that no man can imitate to this degree, can harbor within himself this much, can project in the smallest way; The Father’s Love is Ultimate.

My children, you are Blessed on this night, in your day and in your way.  You are given Light.  Let It guide you This Way.  So be it.”

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