ON JULY 30, 1972 AT 3:20 PM


“My beloved children, My Name is Maria Goretti.  Children pray My Way.  Children try to follow the path I was on.  Children are eager to participate in God’s Will.  Children are eager to experience things they feel are God’s Way.

I say to you now from a Realm far away and yet close to you in all ways, ‘Use the example set down before you, but as you follow this example, be sure that you are aware that you will stand before God alone one day.’ Be sure that you recognize and that you understand that the path of the physical way will be guided by the will that God gave you at the moment of conception.  You, My children, must guide this will, for you see, this will is intended to do God’s Will, your way.

My children, all children must be made aware of the will that they have.  All children must recognize that it is this will that is their only strength, their only power.  All children must direct this will to do God’s Will, God’s Way.

I leave you with knowledge.  I lead all children to God when they allow themselves to understand the Wisdom of His Way.  I bless you with God’s Love.  I have given you Truth.  Be sure you take it with you today.  So be it.”

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