ON JULY 31, 1972 AT 8:40 PM


“My beloved children, I am happy when you join in love for God.  I am pleased when you join your love with Me, for you see, at the moment you were conceived God gave to each of thee a Soul.  It is a Thing of Beauty.  It is a Light that glows.  It is a Gift from God to each child born to the world.  Always be conscious of the Soul God gave you.  It is a Great Gift and an Important Part of each of you.

My children, I am your Mother.  This Miracle is new to the world.  There is only One of This Kind in the world.  It is to teach all colors, all races, all creeds, how to love God, and to show them the path to The Holy Trinity.

Each morning when you awake, look to God and say: ‘I love You, God.  Thank You for this day.’ And as you travel through the day, think often of Him in your little way; and when you walk along to work or play, say, ‘God, please walk with me today.’ He will.  You will not see Him, you will not feel Him, but be assured, My children, He will be there; for as a child says to Him, ‘Please be with me, God,’ He never rejects a child a request such as this to Him.

You are loved much.  It is His Will you be here tonight, to learn more how to serve Him, how to walk the path to be a Saint.  Here in the Heavens, Where I am, there are Many Saints, Many, Many Angels, and there is Joy without end.  The Peace, the Tranquillity, the Happiness is One Alone.  God, your Father, My Father, wants to share all These Things with each one.

You are Blessed.  You are Loved.  You are given Faith.  God has handed you a Jewel.  Take care of It, My little ones.  Cherish It, and do not let anyone abuse It.  Stand strong in what you know is truth.  Stand firm on what you know is Love, God’s Way for you.  Do not let disobedience rule you, but let self-discipline guide you.  Do not let others tempt you, but keep in mind at all times, God’s Rules, God’s Commandments that He gave for the whole world, for all children such as you.

My loved ones, My little ones, when you fear, cling to Me and I will help you.  When you are in doubt, when you feel sadness all about, cling to Me.  I am your Heavenly Mother, and I know you and I know all things about you.  Do not let one day go by without calling My Name, reaching out for Me, or praying, for you see, I will teach you how to love The Father.  Always, My children, know that His Love for you is Far Greater than any human love you can know.  Hold His Hand.  Reach for Me, hold tight to Me, and pray, for one day I want you to be Here with Him for All Time.

I bless you with the Beads I love, for you see, they are a Power you cannot know, for the prayers laid down to be said upon these Beads are special prayers, for the first one says, ‘I believe in God.’ He loves to hear His children say these words.  The next prayer says, ‘Our Father, Who art in Heaven.’ This prayer is special to God for it was given by The Son to the world.

And now, you come to another bead, a special one to Me.  You call My Name.  I listen, and the more you repeat this prayer, the more you will grow in love with God, for it is My Desire you love Him above all things.  And when you say ‘Faith’, it is a desire for this Great Gift; and when you say ‘Hope’, please, My children, always have hope; and when you say ‘Charity’, it is God’s Love, for He showed the Greatest Charity in giving His Son to the world.

And when you say, ‘Glory be to The Father, to The Son, and to The Holy Ghost,’ the praise that is in this prayer is one alone.  Keep this in mind, for on these Beads you say so many things.

I love you, and I want you to follow What I have said.  It is for you to remember, so one day you will stand Here in the Heavens, side by side with All Others Who have walked the physical way.  So be it.”

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