ON AUGUST 4, 1972 AT 8:05 PM



It’s Our Lady.  I have never seen Her this way before.  She’s in white.  She has something in Her Hand.  It’s a chalice.  I couldn’t see it.  The chalice has, what you and I would call — they look like little Angels, on the side.  There’s Three on this side of the handle, and Three on this side of the handle, and She’s smiling.

Sometimes I have a very difficult time because, see, when a Vision comes in to me, Heaven brings It in piece by piece so I can absorb It, and It remains with me for as long as God Wills it to be.

Oh my! She’s pouring it.  She’s got it in Her little Hands and She’s pouring it out towards us, and it looks like water.  She’s smiling and She says, “It is water.” I was thinking of wine.

And I see it all over the earth now; and it’s glowing, as She turns it, and as She’s turning it, that part of the earth seems to glow.  She’s over on this side now, to Her right, and it’s glowing.  She’s smiling.  She brings it back.

Raphael is on the right now, Saint Gabriel on the left of Her.  Her gown is now glistening, and the Angels are parting from Her somewhat.  They’re about this far from Her.  The edge of Them is about this far from Her and then They go out there.  And the wings are immense.  They’re a little different than we see Them.  And They’re smiling because Our Lady is finished doing what She was doing.  And now She says:


“My Son, in His Sacrifice, in His Way, gave the world of men the Glorified Way.  What the child has described to each of you here is the way The Father desires the world to truly appear:  glistening with hope, true in all things, radiant with love, so that when children leave the physical they will come right Here.  Man says, ‘This is impossible.’ I say: ‘It is not.  I am your Mother.  I walked the earth with The Son Who gave this Light.  Would I then not know what it is all about?’

So many children discuss sacrifice.  So many children reject sacrifice.  They say, ‘It is not of my day, but of others.’ This is not true.  It is right now for you.  It is to save Souls.

Oh, My children, God wants you.  I appear to this child, and through her to you, to give you firsthand God’s Love for you — a Victim Soul, a firm Soul, a staunch Soul that speaks only Truth.  When you stand for truth, My little ones, you must stand firm, and do not let others who are weak trouble you, for you see, satan uses some children to do his tasks, but he can only lean on their weakness, he cannot touch their love for God.

When I was upon the earth I walked as you.  I walked in a daily way.  I walked with The Son of The Father, and with a Special Man given to Me by God to take care of Us every day.  It was not a burden to Him, it was joy.  His actions always said so.  We both knew that His First Love was for God, for Ours was too.  And this is how I come to the world:  My First Love is for God, and then for you.

The chalice I poured through This Miracle of Hope, was filled with the Wisdom, filled with the Truth of Heavenly Words.  To the child it was water, for she could not have understood the pouring.

Keep this in mind, as you leave through the door:  The Words that have fallen upon your ears, the Vision you have shared, must remain with you for many years.  You must try to understand God’s Love through this child who walks the world as men.  You must learn to share the love you have for God, but do not let others weaken you, who cannot love Him like you do.

This Miracle has come to the world to teach children the Beauty of Grace, to give children the strength so their physical life will not be waste.  You are Blessed by Me, for you see, What poured from the child, from Me, fell upon you in a special way.

I, your Heavenly Mother, bless you with Love, and I say: ‘When in doubt of your way, cling to My skirt.  When you fear in a day, call My Name, and I will hear you at first.  When you feel emotional, ask yourself this:  Does it please only you?  Is it to satisfy you?  For when it is real joy, it extends to others to give a happy mood.’

God created joy.  He created happiness, and these things We shared in the family way.  Please, My children, upon this night, share happiness with the Light that you received in the pouring of the chalice, just for you.  So be it.”

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