ON AUGUST 11, 1972 AT 7:42 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  I speak through this child gently on this night, for as she has explained to you, the physical is weak.  The physical struggles to keep up with God’s Way, but the physical must have respite.

There are so many things being taught to children of all colors, all races, all creeds, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  I stand in the Heavens and each day I request The Father to allow Me to speak through this child, and sometimes He says, ‘Not today, Teresa, perhaps on the morrow, for there are Other Saints ready to speak on this day.’ So I wait, and when it is time for Me to deliver to children, Wisdom, Teaching, Love, Words of all kinds, I am ready, for you see, there is so much happiness Here, that We Here want all children to come and see.

As you cling to the physical, it is good.  As you love the physical, it is good.  But keep in mind, My children, that the physical is, in many ways, a reflection, a part of the Soul.  Children are unaware of their Souls.  Children do not feel the Power, the Beauty of their Souls.  Through This Miracle of Hope, of Love, of Truth, of Faith, of Obedience, children are being taught to be conscious of their Soul.  As you sin with the eyes of your physical, you affect the Soul.  As you listen to wrong with your ears of the physical, you affect the Soul.

Oh, My children, with your will you can become a Saint.  And as you are in the human way, know that it is a privilege to be in this way.  Above all things, say to The Father each day, ‘Thank You for the physical road, for I know through it I can become a Saint.’ There are so few lessons being taught in This direction.  There are so few children being reminded that the physical way is to one day turn into all Spiritual, all Supernatural, all Love, all Beauty.

Oh, My children, many children here in the child’s presence tonight are uneasy and indifferent to What they are learning, but if you will open your heart, open your mind, and ask God to help you all the time, you will better understand the Phenomena that is occurring.  It is not natural, My children, It is Supernatural.

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with Hope.  I bless you with Faith, and I say, ‘Try to remember What you have learned today.’  So be it.”

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