ON AUGUST 11, 1972 AT 8:11 PM



Oh my! Here again She is in green.  At the bottom of Her gown, it looks like little stars all around; but they are not stars, they are diamonds, and the ray from each one is radiating about three feet out.  The Crown on Her Head is emeralds; the light from Her Breast, white.  It almost looks as though Her Chest is beating with a heartbeat.  And She’s standing on a mound of soil.  The smile upon Her Face is not sadness but joy.

She says no one has ever seen Her like this, for the Vision is a Special One to be long remembered; for the color of Her gown is Hope. “In many ways it is the favorite color of God’s, for it was with this color He painted much of the earth,” She says.

Her Eyes are glistening.  She’s just beaming.  The green is a green — it would be difficult to duplicate it.  The diamonds are getting brighter, the light from Her Breast seems to be getting brighter.  The emeralds in Her Crown are shining more, and suddenly there’s a mist all around but it’s not touching Her.


“The Mist, My children, is very important, for where I go I carry Grace.  And I want you to picture It as a Mist that can easily surround you, easily touch you, without you knowing.  The coolness of the Mist, the gentleness of It is Special.  Children are not knowing the Beauty of Reward.  In many ways, It is Grace.

There are so many things to be explained, so many Lessons to be taught.  And if you were to stand with this child in the fullness of your day, your littleness could not absorb All that Heaven is ready to teach.  So that is why just a small amount is given each time the child is present with you.

Do not forget What you have heard.  Do not pass It over.  Do not reject It, for you are privileged children in the world.  If this child were placed in another place far away from you, it would only be someone else transmitting This to you, but you are chosen children in many ways, to partake in this Vision of Love for your Souls’ sake.

There are so many things you must do.  I want you, on this night, to keep in mind The Jewel, so on the morrow when you awake you will accept The Jewel The Father gave.  During the hours of the day when time is all around, I ask each child in the world to hold My Beads that I do love.  There is a Power in these Beads.  There is a Love in these Beads you cannot know.

I leave you now, and as I fade from the child’s vision I will hold her for awhile.  Do not become so fond of the world that you forget the Soul.  Oh, My children, remember The Gem, remember My Beads; remember, the privilege of life is to be a Saint.

I bless you with obedience.  I bless you with the Light from My Breast.  I bless you with the Mist so you can face the test.  So be it.”

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